BOSTON, MA and GALWAY, IRELAND — 05/18/09 — SpamTitan, a leading producer of email security solutions, today announced the results of its global industry survey of just over 500 users of email security solutions.

The results clearly show that email security threats such as SPAM, viruses, Trojans, Phishing, Malware are at the forefront of operational challenges facing small and medium size businesses (SMBs).

The survey also shows that the SMB market acknowledges that an economic dip is the best time to make innovative IT investments. SMBs are taking action, and recognize that a re-evaluation of their current email security and other office technology solutions is a worthwhile endeavour in order to optimize business operations and reduce costs. During this economic downturn, SMBs that have the foresight to make the right type of IT investments will have a better ability to gain a competitive edge and further differentiate themselves from the industry giants.

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