Radio operator stops deluge of spam email with SpamTitan

With 130 staff in 7 different offices NRC radio station was becoming increasingly dependant on email. Unfortunately the value of email was being severely eroded by a deluge of spam email, phishing emails and other unwanted messages.

“SpamTitan has drastically cut our spam, drastically reduced the load on our mail server and provided rock-solid protection against both existing and emerging threats. You can’t ask for more than that!”

Mike Pluta

Vice President of Engineering

NRC’s Challenge

  • NRC has 130 staff in 7 different offices and found that it was becoming increasingly dependant on email as a method of communication.
  • Unfortunately, NRC also found that the value of its electronic communications was being severely eroded by a deluge of spam email, phishing emails and other unwanted messages. According to Mike Pluta, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at NRC, “Each of our staff was receiving more than 200 emails per day on average and about 90% of those emails were spam.”
  • Dealing with the unwanted emails was consuming a considerable amount of staff time. “We were receiving close to 12 million spam emails a month,” stated Pluta, “Even if it only took a second to review and delete each spam – and that’s a very conservative estimate – it would mean that our staff were wasting more than 3,000 hours a year simply processing junk mail. And top of that there was time being wasted on calls to the IT department plus a drain on network resources.”
  • NRC was concerned about protecting its employees. “NRC is a responsible employer and we take our duty of care towards our employees very seriously. The spam emails were often either offensive or phishing for personal information and we absolutely had to do something to protect staff from that,” said Pluta.
  • After evaluating a number of different options, the NRC eventually selected SpamTitan.”For us, the deciding factor was the ease with which SpamTitan could be deployed and managed,” said Pluta. “As a relatively small company with limited in-house resources, we really needed a set-and-forget type product that wouldn’t place too much of a drain on our IT department’s time. SpamTitan seemed to fit the bill.”

The Solution

  • SpamTitan provides enterprise-class functionality at a price that puts it within easy reach of smaller businesses.
  • In addition to its state-of-the art anti-span engine, SpamTitan also features industry-leading anti-virus engines from ClamAV and Bitdefender to ensure complete and up-to-the-minute protection from spam, viruses, phishing scams and other email-borne threats. The solution’s end-user spam management controls enable end-users to control their own spam settings, without having to resort to the IT department.
  • With some solutions, misidentification of email can be a real problem. Should an email being incorrectly deleted, business opportunities can be lost and reputations and relations can be damaged. SpamTitan has been designed to minimize the possibility of messages being misidentified. “We’ve been running SpamTitan for 12 months. In that time it’s blocked roughly 12 million junk emails, but I’ve received less than 5 calls from staff about false-positives,” said Pluta.
  • Pluta is delighted with SpamTitan’s effectiveness. “SpamTitan has drastically cut our spam, drastically reduced the load on our mail server and provided us with rock-solid protection against both existing and emerging threats. You can’t ask for more than that.”

Successfully Stop Spam Email

“SpamTitan has performed perfectly since day one. It took about 30 minutes to install and was immediately able to block almost 100% of the spam that we had been receiving. The end-user controls are great and really help cut the helpdesk’s workload. Staff can control their own whitelists and blacklists and can easily access any legitimate emails which have been incorrectly identified as spam and quarantined.”

Time Saved

Over 3000 work hours a year saved processing junk mail

Flexible Protection

SpamTitan now protects 130 staff in 7 different offices from spam email, viruses and other email- borne threats


It took 30 minutes to install, couldn’t have been simpler!