The Etihad Stadium in Melbourne is one of the world’s most impressive sporting venues. Opened in 2000, the stadium can house 53,359 sports fans and in the 17 years since the turnstiles first opened, the venue has catered to more than 35 million fans.

The stadium hosts Big Bash League Twenty20 cricket matches, A-League soccer games, Australian Football League matches, International Rugby Union games, and recently, the Soccer World Cup qualifiers.

A requirement for modern sports stadia is WiFi access for guests, and the Etihad stadium is no exception. Guests are offered free Wi-Fi access via more than 700 access points around the stadium.

Providing access to Wi-Fi is one thing. Ensuring Wi-Fi can be accessed securely and patrons are protected from web-based threats is another. To ensure that all users of its Wi-Fi network are protected from online threats such as malware and phishing websites, and to make sure its network cannot be used to access illegal or inappropriate website content, the Etihad stadium turned to TitanHQ – The leading provider of DNS-based Wi-Fi filter security.

The technological achievements of the stadium – which includes a fully retractable roof – is now matched by advanced technology to protect its Wi-Fi network, making the stadium “one of the most technologically advanced, secure and connected stadiums in Australia,” according to TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh.

The stadium is protected by WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – A 100% cloud-based Wi-Fi filtering solution. Being infinitely scalable, the solution can be used to protect any number of Wi-Fi access points, from a one-hotspot SMB to ISPs running thousands of access points. Since the solution requires no additional hardware, it is cost effective for large enterprises and sports venues to implement. No software is required, so users of the Wi-Fi hotspots do not need to install any apps and there is no latency, ensuring users benefits from fast Internet speeds.

Geoff Hall, I.T. Manager at Etihad Stadium, said “Our guests are the big winners from our partnership with TitanHQ.  A total of 704 high-density Wi-Fi access points have also been installed to provide fast, free and secure internet connections to each and every fan. WebTitan Wi-Fi filtering delivers a transparent experience, with super-fast and secure Internet’’.

As Ronan Kavanagh explained, “WebTitan for Wi-Fi is designed to provide secure Wi-Fi throughout venues while simplifying its management. WebTitan for Wi-Fi prevents malware from compromising guests’ devices or stealing guests’ identities over any port, protocol, or app. For stadium management and owners, this brings considerable peace of mind.”

Benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi for WiFi Hotspot Providers

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is an award-winning WiFi filtering solution that allows WiFi hotspot providers to easily implement controls over the Internet content that WiFi users can access when connected to the WiFi network. The DNS-based filtering solution is easy to implement across multiple access points, and management of filtering controls is straightforward requiring little management overhead.

With WebTitan Cloud for WiFi you can:

  • Filter the Internet across multiple WiFi hotspots
  • Create a family-friendly, safe and secure web browsing environment
  • Manage access points through a single web-based administration panel
  • Delegate management of access points
  • Filter by website, website category, keyword term, or keyword score
  • Block material contained in the child abuse image content URL list (CAIC List)
  • Upload blacklists and create whitelists
  • Reduce the risk of phishing attacks
  • Block malware and ransomware downloads
  • Inspect encrypted websites with SSL certificates
  • Schedule and run reports on demand
  • Gain a real-time view of internet activity
  • Gain insights into bandwidth use and restrict activities to conserve bandwidth
  • Integrate the solution into existing systems through a suite of APIs
  • Apply time-based filtering controls

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is very competitively priced, with flexible payment terms, multiple hosting options, and industry leading customer support. If you want to carefully control the content that can be accessed on your WiFi network and protect your customers, give the TitanHQ team a call today.