Web Filtering Service

A web filtering service is only as good as how it is configured by end users. In theory, all services for web content filtering stop 100% of malware, prevent exposure to inappropriate online material and eliminate cyber-skiving in the workplace – you simply block access to every website.

In order to have a web filtering service that performs to the optimal level, you need two things – versatility and ease-of-use. Services for web content filtering that lack versatility will have their filters set too high and obstruct workflows, while those that are too complicated to configure will be ineffective.

At SpamTitan we know how to provide a web filtering service capable of performing to the optimal level. Since 2009 we have been providing services for web content filtering via our WebTitan range of products, and we have listened to feedback from our clients in order to develop an effective web filtering service that is both versatile and easy to configure.

How Our Versatile Web Filtering Service Works

WebTitan´s services for web content filtering comprise of a three-tier filtering mechanism for maximum versatility. The first tier – URIBL and SURBL filtering – checks requests to visit websites against lists of websites known to be harboring malware. If the requested website appears on any of the lists, the request is denied.

The second tier sorts six billion pages across the five million most visited websites into fifty-three different categories (abortion, adult entertainment, alternative beliefs, alcohol, etc.). Network managers can select which of the categories to block access to, in order to prevent users being exposed to inappropriate online material and eliminate cyber-skiving.

The third tier is what gives WebTitan´s web filtering service its versatility – keyword filtering. This facility allows network managers to select filtering parameters with a high degree of granularity in order to both allow and block access to websites, applications, file types and ports. Using the keyword filtering facility, network administrators can effectively create their own whitelists and category filters as well.

In addition to the high degree of granularity, different filtering policies can be applied by user, groups of users, or department. This means that, for example, if your business wanted to block user access to Facebook and Twitter, but your marketing department engaged in social media marketing, different filtering policies could be configured for the marketing department and the rest of the business.

It is also possible to create filtering policies by time, so that the filtering parameters of our web filtering service are only applied during office working hours. This would allow users to engage in private use before and after work – or during authorized breaks – without violating acceptable use policies. If necessary, network managers can also apply bandwidth limits to specific online activities.

Easy-to-Use Services for Web Content Filtering

The versatility of our web filtering service may cause some businesses to be concerned about the amount of work involved in optimizing the service for their specific circumstances. There is no need to be concerned. WebTitan´s services for web content filtering are easy to manage via a web-based portal that has auto-configuration, auto back-up and auto system update.

The web filter service has Active Directory/LDAP integration, and allows for multiple administration roles to be created – including policy managers, reporting managers and administration managers. A suite of reports are available for managers to review user browser activity, and a policy violation alert system exists to advise of attempts to visit blocked websites or circumnavigate the filtering parameters.

With regard to implementing our services for web content filtering, we offer a choice of quick deployment options:

  • WebTitan Cloud is a cloud-based web filtering service that simply requires a realignment of the business´s DNS to implement. WebTitan cloud protects your network and your users with imperceptible latency.
  • WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has been specifically designed to keep wireless networks protected without obstructing workflows. Suitable for single WiFi access points or nationwide networks of WiFi hotspots, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi supports both static and dynamic IP addresses.

With there being a significant growth in fake HTTPS certificates, SSL inspection has become a necessary feature of services for web content filtering in order for them to be fully effective. SSL inspection decrypts “secure” HTTPS websites to examine their content for malware and prohibited online material, before allowing or blocking access according to the filtering parameters. All of WebTitan´s services for web content filtering include SSL inspection.

Try our Versatile and Easy-to-Use Service for Free

If you would like to find out more about our versatile and easy-to-use services for web content filtering, you are invited to contact us and request a free trial of WebTitan. One of our team of Sales Technicians will answer any questions you have and discuss your requirements in order to determine the most appropriate web filtering service for you to trial.

You will then be offered the opportunity to try WebTitan free for fourteen days to evaluate its versatility and ease-of-use in your own environment. We are confident you will find WebTitan a most effective web filtering service and, if you would like to continue using our service to protect your network and your users, we have a range of competitive subscription packages available for you.