Web Filtering Software

In addition to its primary objective of protecting networks and users against web-borne threats, web filtering software is an important tool in many different scenarios. In schools, software for filtering Internet content can prevent children being exposed to harmful online content. Businesses in the catering and hospitality industries can prevent objectionable material being viewed in public, and all companies can use Internet filtering software to prevent cyber-slacking and increase productivity.

However, in order to be fully effective, web filtering software should be easy to use, flexible and have SSL inspection. If the software for filtering Internet content lacks any of these features, it is not providing the optimal level of protection against web-borne threats. Indeed, Internet filtering software lacking any of these features may result in significant gaps being left in online defenses – through which a school, business or other organization may allow a phishing or malware attack to walk straight in.

Why Web Filtering Software should be Easy to Use

Not every organization has a team of experienced IT professionals on hand to explain how to deploy and configure software for filtering Internet content. For some the prospect can be daunting. In schools for example, the implementation of complicated web filtering software has been criticized because it was too difficult for school administrators to understand. Typically they set the filtering parameters too high and blocked access to important sex education material and access to teenage support groups.

The same situation might apply to a hotelier or restauranteur, who wants to provide a filtered Internet service to customers in order to deliver the best customer experience. However, in their busy lives, struggling with complicated web filtering software may too much for them, and they either set the filtering parameters incorrectly (too high or too low) or give up trying to set them at all.

Why Flexible Software for Filtering Internet Content is Important

While it should be easy to use, software for filtering Internet content should also be flexible. It should allow different filtering policies to be set according to different scenarios so that – for example – school children of different ages can only access age-relevant content, marketing departments can have exclusive access to social media websites, and hotel guests can watch adult content in the privacy of their own rooms or after a predetermined watershed.

As no two organizations are the same, it should also be possible to customize category filters in order to block or allow access to specific types of online material. Software for filtering Internet content should have “cloud keys” – on/off switches for the filtering parameters. These would be an ideal solution for libraries, for example, who would be able to comply with CIPA and still allow Internet access to both adults and children.

The Significance of SSL Inspection

SSL inspection is the process that decrypts the content of “secure” websites (those starting with an https:// prefix), examines their content, and re-encrypts them before blocking them or allowing access to end users. The reason why web filtering software should have SSL inspection is that – ever since Google announced “secure” websites would be elevated in Search Engine Results Pages – more than half of the world´s most visited web pages are now encrypted.

Web filtering software without SSL inspection cannot examine what encrypted websites contain and therefore – finding nothing prohibited by the filtering parameters – allow access to all encrypted websites. Any cybercriminal can get an SSL certificate for their phishing or malware-infected website, and launch an attack knowing they will not be detected by web filtering software without SSL inspection. Most social media, gambling and online shopping websites are also encrypted.

Implementing the “Right” Software for Filtering Internet Content

There is no “wrong” software for filtering Internet content provided it is easy to use, flexible and has SSL inspection. However, there is some web filtering software that is better than others. This is because the decrypting, examination and re-encrypting of secure websites can affect CPU performance and memory. Consequently, the right software for filtering Internet content has the facility to whitelist the most frequently-visited websites and most frequently used web apps.

The whitelisting process ensures secure web pages are delivered to end users with imperceptible latency and without affecting network performance. In order to achieve the best possible results, category and keyword filters should be set quite high, the whitelist facility used to facilitate access to business-critical websites and apps, and all unnecessary online pursuits blocked to enhance productivity.

WebTitan Internet Filtering Software from SpamTitan

WebTitan from SpamTitan is an effective Internet filtering solution with SSL inspection for organizations of all sizes. Infinitely scalable and universally compatible, WebTitan has been developed over many years with maximum ease-of-use and flexibility in mind. Our Internet filtering software can be set up in minutes, auto-configures with all networks and auto-updates when software updates are required.

WebTitan has an intuitive interface that administrators of all levels will find easy to use. Larger organizations can take advantage of Active Directory/LDAP integration to create administrative roles and user groups, and to define acceptable use policies. A policy violation alert feature also exists to advise network managers of possible network abuses.

Our web filtering software is available in a choice of deployment options - as a Gateway virtual device, as a cloud-based solution, or as a cloud-based solution for WiFi networks. All three options provide an effective defense against web-borne threats, phishing and malware, can prevent students and customers from being exposed to inappropriate objectionable and help businesses increase productivity by eliminating cyber-slacking.

Try our Web Filtering Software with SSL Inspection for Free

For your opportunity to try our web filtering software with SSL inspection for free, get in touch and speak with one of our team of Sales Technicians. Our team will help determine the best deployment option for your circumstances and guide you through the account registration process to evaluate WebTitan in your own environment free for fourteen days.

If you have any questions about web filtering software with SSL inspection before starting your free trial, our team will be happy to answer them for you. Throughout your trial you will have access to our industry leading technical and customer support services and, at the end of the trial, there is no obligation to continue using our Internet filtering software. However, if you do wish to continue using WebTitan to protect your network and users, we offer a range of competitive pricing options.