SpamTitan Technologies today announced that their award winning Web Filtering solution WebTitan  now fully and automatically supports Italian website classification. This new classification is offered via an OEM agreement with zveloNET™ AutoCategorization (AutoCat) systems who employ a team of over 150 multi-lingual Web Analysts. As well as developing additional language categorization support on an ongoing basis, zvelo also performs weekly coverage and accuracy checks of the Alexa Global 1 million URLs, as well as accuracy verifications of the Alexa lists in dozens of the leading markets and languages.

WebTitan is already available in an Italian version where Italian speaking users can log on to their WebTitan web interface and choose Italian as  a language option for the first time, providing them with the  reassurance and confidence that using a native language brings.  The enhanced language support announced today allows existing WebTitan users receive categorisation results for native Italian sites.

Pricing & Availability

The product is available for free download from the WebTitan website   with a fully functional 30 day trial. WebTitan ISO and WebTitan for VMware licenses cost from $850, WebTitan licenses are banded offering greater flexibility and based on the number of IP addresses accessing the internet concurrently./download

Full product information is available   

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