TitanHQ is pleased to announce that the team will be attending the Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo: One of the most important global events for anyone involved in the Wi-Fi Industry.

The Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo brings together some of the most influential and celebrated names in the industry who will be offering valuable insights into industry trends and discussing the latest innovations and opportunities.

The event brings together carriers, tech vendors, service providers, consultants, industry bodies, and government/educational organisations and offers attendees the opportunity to learn from thought-leaders from a broad section of the Wi-Fi community. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear case stories from the leading innovators in the industry and pick up tips on how to build a highly successful Wi-Fi business, as well as meeting Wi-Fi tech innovators, established leaders, partners, and clients.

The Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo promises to be bigger and better than last year’s hugely successful event. The Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo will include presentations from over 50 speakers with more than 40 exhibitors showcasing the most exciting Wi-Fi products that have come to market in the past 12 months.

TitanHQ Sales Director Conor Madden has been invited to return following the popularity of his keynote speech at the Wi-Fi Now March conference. Conor will be offering invaluable advice to attendees on essential Wi-Fi security measures to protect both Wi-Fi providers and customers from the myriad of web-borne threats.

Conor’s speech will cover important issues that are likely to have a major impact on Wi-Fi carriers over the coming months, the role that DNS filtering will play in keeping wireless networks secure from attack, and will explain the main HTPPS developments over the past year.

Conor’s will be delivering his keynote speechDNS Filtering: The future of content filtering for WiFi – at 3:30 on day 3 on the main stage.

The TitanHQ team will be attending all three days of the conference. If you plan to attend, contact TitanHQ today on info@titanhq.com to book a meeting to discuss your Wi-Fi security needs.

The WiFi Now 2016 International Expo will be taking place at the ILEC Conference Center in London between October 25-27 2016.

Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo