Zservices Partnership Brings TitanHQ Anti-Spam Solutions for Businesses to the Middle East

TitanHQ has announced a new partnership deal with Dubai-based cybersecurity powerhouse Zservices that will see the company’s anti-spam solutions for businesses pushed out to organizations throughout the Middle East and Africa.

TitanHQ has been working in the field of email security for two decades and has developed a range of cybersecurity solutions for businesses. Zservices will be adding TitanHQ’s SpamTitan anti-spam solution to its extensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, filling a gap in its email security offerings.

SpamTitan is a robust and powerful anti-spam solution for businesses that offers protection from malicious emails and blocks 99.97% of spam from being delivered. The massive increase in malware and ransomware has made the use of anti-spam solutions more important that every before.

SpamTitan is already extensively used by businesses in TitanHQ’s home country of Ireland and throughout Europe and the Americas. TitanHQ’s products are now used by more than 6,500 business customers in 129 countries around the world.

The new partnership deal will be a massive boost to the company and will see its anti-spam solutions for businesses pushed out to a wide range of organizations throughout the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Qatar, State of Kuwait, Kingdom of Jordan, Kingdom of Morocco, Arab Republic of Egypt, and beyond.

Zservices to incorporate TitanHQs Anti-Spam Solutions for BusinessesAs the only cybersecurity-as-a-service in-country cloud operator in the entire Middle East region, Zservices is the perfect partner to sell TitanHQ’s anti-spam solutions for businesses. Zservices partners with some of the largest telecoms companies and national service providers in the Middle East and provides a wide range of cybersecurity services to companies in the telecoms, technology, communications, education, pharmaceutical, and retail industries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Zservices will focus on selling the SpamTitan cloud-based anti-spam service to large enterprises and government entities throughout the region.

The partnership was announced during Enterprise Ireland’s trade mission to the UAE and KSA. Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan TD, praised the new partnership deal, which highlights the great opportunities that exist for Irish companies in the Middle East.

“As Enterprise Ireland’s trade mission will demonstrate, the opportunities for innovative Irish companies to build partnerships and increase their sales to the Middle East region are real and tangible,” said Minister Flanagan. He went on to say, “Today’s announcement by TitanHQ is a great example of what is possible for highly innovative Irish companies in this dynamic market.” Enterprise Ireland’s Executive Director Global Business Development, Kevin Sherry, said the deal is a “testament to TitanHQ’s innovation and ambition.”

Zservices President Mr. Nidal Taha welcomed the deal and explained why Zservices is the ideal company to partner with TitanHQ in the Middle East. “Unlike other cloud-based security companies, Zservices operates the first and only Middle East type approved Internet SaaS cyber security cloud infrastructures physically located and deployed across multiple strategic Middle East secure data centers.” Mr Taha said “We’re excited to add SpamTitan to our cloud infrastructure.”


Photo (Left to-Right): Kevin Sherry – Executive Director Enterprise Ireland; Eddie Monaghan – Alliance Manager, Titan HQ; Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan TD; Nidal Taha – President MENA, ZServices; Firas Ghanem – Regional Director, Saudi Arabia, ZServices.

Presentation on Using DNS Filtering for Web Content Filtering

Over the past few years, hackers and cybercriminals have been increasing their efforts to infect computers, gain access to data, and extort money from businesses.

New malware is now being released at an alarming rate. A new malware variant is now being released every four seconds. Ransomware is also a major threat. The file-encrypting software is used to lock files on the victim’s computer and requires a ransom payment to be made in order to regain access to files. New ransomware variants are similarly being developed at unprecedented rates.

One ransomware author generated $96 million in profit in the first six months of 2016 from ransom payments. At a typical cost of around $500 per encrypted machine, it clearly shows the sheer number of infections. Of course, that is just one ransomware author. There are many authors, and now more than 200 active ransomware families.

Malware and ransomware is spread via spam email campaigns, malvertising, and via malicious websites. TitanHQ detects up to 60,000 malicious websites every day. Preventing end users from accessing these sites stops malicious software from being installed on end users’ machines. The risk of a malware or ransomware infection is considerable, as WebTitan CTO Neil Farrell explains, “We block millions of websites per month and estimate that the average user encounters 3 malicious links per day.”

TitanHQ constantly updates its list of malicious websites to ensure that end users are protected from new threats. End users can also block certain categories of website that are much more likely to be used by cybercriminals to infect users. This helps to keep business networks free from malware and ransomware, while also protecting WiFi users from online threats such as malware and phishing, as well as preventing inappropriate or illegal content from being accessed.

At the recent 2016 WiFi Now conference in London – The world’s premier event for professionals involved in the WiFi industry – TitanHQ’s Sales Director, Conor Madden gave a presentation on DNS WiFi filtering. Conor explained the benefits that can be gained from restricting accessible website content and why DNS filtering is the future of web content filtering.

If you were unable to attend the WiFi Now event or missed Conor’s DNS filtering presentation and you would like to find out more about TitanHQ’s innovative DNS-based web filter, you can view the DNS filtering presentation below:

Presentation on Using DNS Filtering for Web Content Filtering


To find out more about WebTitan and to register for a free, no-obligation 14-day business trial, visit TitanHQ.com or contact the sales team today.