Gold Star SpamTitan Review in Recent Spam Filter Tests

New SpamTitan Review

Spam Filter Reviews, a website providing reviews of spam filtering solutions, has awarded TitanHQ’s SpamTitan with a glowing 4.9 gold star rating. The new SpamTitan review saw the product attract marks of 4.9/5 for both functionality and real-time emulation.

Each spam filtering product reviewed on the site is assessed on 18 different elements, with SpamTitan scoring highly on 16/18 of those elements.

The reviewers were particularly impressed with the ability to easily adjust scam scoring on all incoming emails, which allowed the filtering level to be fine-tuned to make spam filtering more aggressive or more lenient.

Another major plus was the ease at which quarantined messages can be checked. With any spam filtering solution, there will be false positives from time to time. Virus Bulletin reviews have shown SpamTitan’s false positive rate is particularly low – less than 0.03%. However, when legitimate messages do trigger the spam filter, checking those messages is straightforward.

In its review of SpamTitan, Spam Filter Reviews explained the ease at which quarantined messages can be safely viewed from the admin console. Users can view simple metrics such as the message date, recipient, envelope address, and message size, but also more detailed information using one of four different tabs.

SpamTitan lets users view the full HTML message, as well as the entire SMTP protocol header. If the email is genuine, users can quickly and easily release the message for delivery and whitelist the sender’s email address to ensure future messages are always delivered.

As Spam Filter Reviews points out, the ability to view the full body of a captured message is absent from many spam filtering solutions. This feature can save admin staff valuable time.

SpamTitan also rated particularly well on reporting. SpamTitan allows users to configure an extensive range of reports, providing users with all the information they need to measure inbound mail flow metrics. Spam Filter Reviews explained that many leading spam filtering solutions do not have such extensive spam reporting functionality. The ability to configure quarantine reports to show all messages since sign up or those captured since the last scheduled report was also praised, and found to be absent in many other spam filtering solutions.

Accessing the SpamTitan console was also found to be easy, regardless of the device being used. Since the control panel is full HTML, it can be easily accessed on mobile devices, while the admin console was found to be intuitive and easy to use.

Set up was also a quick and easy process, taking just 13 minutes. “13 minutes is extremely good considering the we had a previously MX record TTL of 5 minutes, so there is a reasonable likelihood that, if the domains TTL had previously been set to a lower TTL, the set up would have been even quicker.”

The only down point was the lack of link re-writing functionality, although due to the high degree of accuracy of the spam filter, this negative was somewhat mitigated.

Spam Filter Reviews’ SpamTitan review summarized the product saying, “All in all, SpamTitan is a very stable, clean platform with many additional features which makes an admin’s life a lot easier to manage user expectations,” also explaining “It is our comparative opinion that SpamTitan’s system is extremely under-rated as it’s clean, accurate and functionality full features certainly exceed and surpass some of the most well know Products on the market today.”

TitanHQ Presenting at the Wi-Fi Now 2017 Expo and Conference

TitanHQ Presenting at the Wi-Fi Now 2017 Expo and Conference

The 2017 Wi-Fi Now Expo and Conference, the world’s premier Wi-Fi event, will be taking place at The Hague, NL between October 31st and November 2nd, 2017.

The conference offers attendees the opportunity to meet leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and experts from the full spectrum of the Wi-Fi industry, offering an unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking and knowledge sharing.

The W-Fi Now Expo and Conference is the only event in the world that is 100% devoted to the Wi-Fi industry and draws attendees from around the globe. The event consistently receives glowing 4/5-star reviews across the board for its speakers, panelists, exhibitors, topics, and venues.

This year’s Wi-Fi Now Expo and Conference promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Over the three-day event there will be 9 analysts and thought leaders delivering keynote speeches, 11 carriers and service providers and 29 technology leaders providing their valuable insights to attendees. More than 40 leading Wi-Fi companies will also be in attendance and will be demonstrating their products and services at the event.

TitanHQ is proud to announce that Sales Director, Conor Madden, is a headline speaker at the event. This is now the fourth time in two years that Conor has been selected as a speaker at Wi-Fi Now conferences.

Conor will be explaining how Wi-Fi filtering can vastly improve an organization’s security posture and will be providing key insights into how organizations can create customized Wi-Fi services in the Four Great Innovations in Enterprise Wi-Fi – Part One session on Day 1 of conference.

TitanHQ are the global leaders in Wi-Fi content filtering and Wi-Fi security, enhancing the security of more than 6,500 enterprises and businesses around the globe. The TitanHQ team is constantly enhancing and refining its web filtering technology and works closely with partners to ensure they get the maximum benefits from its products.

The TitanHQ team will be available at stand 23 on all three days of the conference. If you are interested in finding out more about WebTitan content filtering solutions and the benefits they can bring your business and your clients, be sure to stop by. The TitanHQ team will also be demonstrating the product and some of the big-ticket deployments from the past 18 months.

Advance registration for the conference is required. Tickets are available on this link.

If you are unable to attend the Wi-Fi Now Expo and Conference, the TitanHQ team will also be attending the IT Nation, ConnectWise Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference takes place on November 8th-10th at the Hyatt Regency.