WebTitan Cloud is an award-winning DNS filter that prevents access to malicious websites and allows businesses to control the web content users can access with precision. This week, TitanHQ has announced the release of a new version of WebTitan Cloud, that includes new features to improve usability, security, protection for remote workers, and provides greater insights into DNS requests. These new features now form part of an industry-leading feature set that is in a cloud-delivered solution that is easy to set up, use, and maintain.

New UI with Advanced Reporting Features

If you are a current WebTitan Cloud user, the first change you will notice is the new user interface which provides easy access to all WebTitan Cloud features. The enhancements provide intuitive, advanced, relevant, and easy-to-digest data, through new interactive reports and data visualization tools, which are embedded into the UI to improve the user experience.

The advanced security reports show malware-infected clients, malware-infected domains, malware-infected users, blocked phishing sites, blocked phishing domains, and blocked phishing sites by user, and the view can be customized by date and client IP. New reports show behavior, blocked sites, and trends to provide insights into network use and threats. These reports have been added based on the feedback received by WebTitan Cloud users.

Interactive Threat Intelligence with DNS Data Offload

The latest version of WebTitan Cloud provides users with easier access to valuable threat intelligence to aid IT decision-making, network troubleshooting, and security planning. Users can now list DNS request history on screen, download DNS request logs, view all DNS data to gain valuable insights into activity, and easily extract DNS query data for sophisticated integrations and advanced data analysis.

DNSSEC Security Enhancements

WebTitan Cloud now benefits from security enhancements to protect against DNS attacks by strengthening authentication using Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). DNSSEC uses digital cryptographic signatures to verify the origin and integrity of data during the DNS resolution process to protect against malicious DNS poisoning attacks. Users of WebTitan Cloud can implement DNSSEC through a simple and straightforward process to improve security.

WebTitan OTG Improvements for Protecting Off Network Users

The WebTitan On-the-Go (OTG) agent allows users to extend the protection of WebTitan Cloud to off-network users, no matter where they connect to the Internet. WebTitan OTG was introduced some time ago; however, the latest release includes several enhancements. The JSON Config filters have been replaced for OTG devices, and the agent used to protect, manage, and monitor off-network users has been significantly improved. It is also much easier to add and update exceptions to OTG devices through an easy-to-use interface.

“This WebTitan release is hitting so many key pillars of success for TitanHQ. The data offload feature has been requested by many customers and creates real differentiation for our solution in the market. This coupled with our new advanced reporting were major requests from our MSP customers,” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO of TitanHQ. “Finally, security is at the heart of what we do and are, the addition of DNSSEC just continues to add to our credentials.”