TitanHQ has claimed a Top 3 position in a recent Virus Bulletin email security test, achieving an exceptional 99.98% spam catch rate and 99.91% phishing catch rate for the cutting-edge filtering engine that powers the SpamTitan (email security) and PhishTitan (phishing protection) solutions, earning TitanHQ the prestigious VBSpam+ certification for the products.

Virus Bulletin is a security information portal and independent testing and certification body that has earned a formidable reputation within the cybersecurity community for providing security professionals with intelligence about the latest developments in the global threat landscape. Virus Bulletin conducts regular tests of security solutions to determine how well they perform at detecting and blocking threats, and for more than 20 years has been benchmarking cybersecurity solutions. Virus Bulletin’s public certifications cover all types of security threat protection, including anti-spam and anti-phishing solutions for enterprises.

In the Q1, 2024 tests, Virus Bulletin assessed nine comprehensive email security solutions, including TitanHQ’s email security suite which comprises SpamTitan and PhishTitan. The email security solutions were put to the test to assess how effective they are at blocking unsolicited and unwanted spam emails and malicious messages of all types. TitanHQ’s solutions achieved exceptional scores at blocking spam and phishing emails, with a spam catch rate of 99.983%, a malware catch rate of 99.511%, and a phishing catch rate of 99.914% with zero false positives. The final score for the Q1, 2024 tests was 99.983, cementing TitanHQ’s position as a leading provider of anti-phishing and anti-spam solutions for managed service providers and businesses.

“This test reaffirms TitanHQ’s unrivaled prowess in spam and phishing protection—we stand as the first choice for combating phishing attempts and spam infiltrations,” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO at TitanHQ. “Our customers need not settle for anything less. With TitanHQ solutions, they receive unparalleled defense against phishing and spam and experience minimal false positives.

While there are many ways that cybercriminals and nation state actors breach company networks and gain access to sensitive data, phishing is the leading initial access vector. Despite phishing being such a prevalent threat, many businesses lack security solutions that can consistently identify and block these malicious messages, which results in costly compromises, data breaches, and devastating ransomware attacks. According to one study by researchers at CoreView on 1.6 million Microsoft 365 users, 90% lacked essential security protections that can combat threats such as phishing.

While Microsoft has security solutions that can block spam and phishing emails, they are unable to block advanced phishing threats. PhishTitan has been developed to work seamlessly with M365 and catch the phishing threats that M365 misses. Even Microsoft’s most advanced anti-phishing protection, the costly E5 premium security offering, fails to block many advanced threats. Testing has shown that for every 80,000 emails received, PhishTitan identifies and blocks 20 unique, sophisticated phishing attempts that Microsoft’s top solution misses, and many businesses cannot afford Microsoft’s top level of protection and are reliant on its basic anti-spam and anti-phishing protection.

If you want to improve your defenses against phishing and malware and block more spam emails, give the TitanHQ team a call and ask about SpamTitan and PhishTitan. Both email filtering solutions are available on a free trial, so you can put them to the test and see for yourself the difference they make.