MSPs: Meet TitanHQ at this Year’s Datto Roadshows

TitanHQ is pleased to announce that the team will be attending several Datto Roadshows this year, including the Datto Roadshow in Tampa on January 16, 2018.

The Datto roadshows are exciting events for managed service providers (MPS). Attendees get the opportunity to meet the Datto team and other managed service providers and gain valuable insights and useful advice to help turn 2018 into a highly profitable year.

The roadshows feature several deep dives, where the latest product releases and tech will be showcased to help MSPs get the most out of products and add new services to their stack.

The Deep Dives at the Tampa show will include Datto Networking, Datto SaaS Protection, and Ransomware Protection.

The Datto Networking Deep Dive gives MSPs the opportunity to learn how to boost MMR with the most MSP-centric networking product line in the world. Datto will be explaining its industry leading cloud backup and data recovery solutions in the Datto SaaS Protection Deep Dive.

The current ransomware epidemic has companies crying out for solutions that can help them to prevent attacks and recover quickly when disaster strikes. This creates an ideal opportunity for MSPs to improve their bottom lines by offering ransomware protection and recovery services. There will be a deep dive on ransomware where attendees will discover best practices to adopt to ensure clients are protected and data are secured.

The Tampa event will also see the Passportal team on hand to explain how clients can be protected from the full range of current cybersecurity threats and how MSPs can help their clients prevent data breaches, while lowering costs and increasing value.

TitanHQ will be on hand to explain the opportunities that exist in cloud-based spam filtering, web filtering and email archiving services, and how straightforward (and profitable) it is to provide these services to clients.

Additionally, the event is a great networking opportunity where MSPs can speak to other Datto partners and gain valuable tips to help them improve productivity, cut costs, and boost profits.

If you are unable to attend the Tampa event, don’t worry. There will be many other Datto Roadshows taking place over the coming weeks. The TitanHQ team will be attending several of these events.

The full schedule of Datto Roadshows in Q1, 2018 is listed below:

Location Date
Orlando, FL February 6, 2018
Albuquerque, NM February 8, 2018
Houston, TX February 13, 2018
Long Beach, CA February 13, 2018
Dallas, TX February 15, 2018
Baltimore, MD March 6, 2018
San Francisco, CA March 6, 2018
San Juan, Puerto Rico March 8, 2018
Sacramento, CA March 8, 2018
Phoenix, AZ March 13, 2018
Norwalk, CT March 13, 2018
Columbus, OH March 20, 2018
Detroit, MI March 22 2018
Rochester, NY March 27, 2018
Toronto, Canada March 29, 2018