Enhance Your Cloud Web Security with Cloud-Based Internet Filtering

Cloud web security is a term that sends shivers down the spine of many IT security experts. Protecting a business against web-borne threats is difficult enough when you know your enemy; but, with new strains of malware and ransomware being deployed every day, trying to maintain a defense against an unknown force can be terrifying.

One thing all IT security experts agree on is that, in order for defenses to be at their most resilient, businesses need to adopt a multilayered approach to cloud web security. This means that, rather than implementing one mechanism to protect against malware and ransomware, businesses should implement multiple solutions to cope with every possible type of threat.

Where Cloud-Based Internet Filtering fits into the Mix

Cloud-based Internet filtering fits into the mix at the very core of a cloud web security program. Although it is advisable to implement email filtering solutions and network monitoring tools, cloud-based Internet filtering can prevent email-initiated phishing attacks from being executed and malware downloads with specific file extensions from ever infecting the network.

This is because, in addition to blacklists blocking access to websites known to harbor malware, modern Internet filters contain SURBL and URIBL filters to maximize protection against phishing attacks and malware downloads. It is also possible to configure keyword filters to prevent users downloading files having extensions most commonly associated with malware.

Why Cloud-Based Internet Filtering?

The reason why cloud-based Internet filtering is recommended, rather than hardware-based or software-based Internet filtering, is due to the strain SSL inspection places on CPU resources – SSL inspection being the process that de-crypts, reads and re-encrypts the content of encrypted websites to ensure they are free from malware and comply with acceptable use policies.

Only a few years ago, the SSL inspection process placed a negligible strain on CPU resources, as it was only websites communicating financial transactions that were encrypted. However, due to various social media sites protecting their members´ conversations with encryption, and Google enhancing the SERPs rankings of encrypted websites, more than half of the world´s most visited websites are now encrypted.

The significance of using cloud-based Internet filtering as part of a multilayered cloud web security program is that the SSL inspection process is conducted in the cloud - freeing the resources of the network´s CPU. This has the dual advantage of providing more memory for other defense mechanisms and eliminating the latency issue that often occurred during peak times of Internet usage.

Enhance Your Cloud Web Security with WebTitan Filtering Solutions

SpamTitan is part of a group of companies that has been providing enterprise-class Internet filtering solutions since 2009. Our two cloud-based Internet filtering solutions are WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi - either of which is suitable to have at the core of a cloud web security program due to their multiple anti-malware features, ease of use and flexibility.

Both WebTitan filtering solutions help enhance cloud web security with malicious URL detection, phishing protection and antivirus features. They have easy-to-use centralized administration portals through which Internet usage policies can be applied - or imported from LDAP and Active Directory - and the flexibility to apply usage policies by individual user, user-group or business-wide.

WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be set up and configured within minutes. All that is required to enhance your cloud web security with WebTitan filtering solutions is a redirection of your server´s DNS. Our cloud-based internet filtering solutions are compatible with every operating system and network, and are scalable up to 60,000 users with no bandwidth restriction nor Internet latency.

Enhance Your Cloud Web Security Free for Fourteen Days

If you are in the process of creating a multilayered cloud web security program, and would like to evaluate the merits of our cloud-based Internet filtering solutions, you are invited to contact us and discuss your requirements with our Sales Technicians. Our industry-leading team will be happy to answer any questions you have about cloud web security, determine which WebTitan product would be most suitable for your circumstances and explain how our free fourteen-day WebTitan trial works.

We believe the free trial of our cloud-based Internet filtering solutions provides sufficient time to find the optimum settings for your WebTitan filter. Thereafter, should you decide to continue using our service, no reconfiguration will be necessary. If you need more time to make your decision, or any assistance in determining your optimum settings, we are always here to help. Try WebTitan today, and you could be protecting your business against malware and ransomware in less than fifteen minutes.