The Best DNS Content Filtering for MSPs

In this article, we explain why DNS content filtering for MSPs is one of the fastest-growing security services, how it benefits clients, why DNS filtering is better than other forms of web security, and how DNS content filtering for MSPs is one of the easiest managed security services to offer to clients.

SMBs are Demanding Cybersecurity Improvements from their MSPs

SMB leaders are starting to appreciate that traditional cybersecurity defenses such as firewalls, antivirus software, and spam filters are no longer enough to block cyber threats, which are increasing in both number and sophistication. The number of cyberattacks now being reported has never been higher, as are the costs associated with dealing with successful attacks. In some cases, the financial cost of attacks and the damage to a company’s reputation are so great that SMBs are forced to permanently close their doors.

While SMBs may be able to implement a firewall and antivirus software, managing the wide range of cybersecurity solutions that are now necessary to block sophisticated cyberattacks can be a challenge and one that they struggle with due to a lack of time, resources, and appropriately skilled staff. Since cybersecurity cannot be neglected, many turn to managed service providers for assistance. One area of security that is often lacking is web security, which is an area where many MSPs can help their clients improve their security posture. In this article, we explain some of the options available to MSPs for improving cybersecurity at the web layer and explain why DNS content filtering for MSPs ticks all the right boxes.

Why is Web Security so Important?

Email is known to be a weak point through which cyber actors can reach employees. Email security solutions are used to block malware delivered via email, but phishing emails often contain no malware. Instead, they contain a link to a website where the malicious files are hosted, or links are included to phishing sites where credentials are harvested. Email security solutions will block many threats, but some malicious emails will be delivered, especially those that link to fresh malicious content that has yet to be identified as such.

Web security solutions are used to provide time-of-click protection against malicious content in emails and work in tandem with email security solutions by adding an additional layer of protection. If an email includes a hyperlink to a website, the DNS filter will check the site at the moment that link is clicked. The URL will be checked against a list of blacklisted URLs, administrator-defined content controls will be applied, and the content of the URL will be read in real-time before determining if a connection is safe. The web filter can also be configured to block certain file downloads from the Internet, such as executable files to protect against malware downloads.

Web security solutions are also used for content control to restrict access to certain categories of websites. This allows businesses to make productivity gains by restricting access to websites that serve no work purpose, but the main reason is to stop employees from inadvertently landing on malicious websites. Web filters can be used to block access to very risky websites such as file-sharing networks, software download sites, and other types of websites that are used for malware distribution.

Why DNS-Content Filtering for MSPs is the Best Web Security Option

Several different types of web security solutions can be used to protect businesses from Internet threats. The ISP used by a business will have filtering controls in place for blocking access to illegal web content, but these controls do not provide a sufficient degree of protection against web-based threats.

MSPs can improve web security for their clients by using either a client-side filtering solution, such as an agent on an endpoint, or a hardware appliance on the premises. Network-based filtering is possible, such as using a web proxy, but the easiest solution for MSPs is to use a DNS-based filter.

DNS content filtering for MSPs requires no hardware installations, as this is a cloud-delivered service. To get started, all an MSP needs to do is to change the client’s DNS server and point it to the service provider’s server (a process that will take around 2 minutes). All web traffic will then be directed through the DNS filter. DNS content filtering for MSPs is also possible to protect remote workers, and this is achieved by installing a client on endpoints, which will ensure all traffic is sent through the web filter, no matter where a user accesses the Internet.

DNS content filtering for MSPs means no site visits are necessary and implementing the solution is easy. From start to finish, including applying the settings for each individual client, typically takes just 20 minutes. Management is easy, as true DNS content filtering for MSPs allows all clients to be managed through a central console that can be accessed via a web browser. The MSP can apply settings or make changes individually or configure clients in bulk. Further, since no hardware purchases are required, the cost to clients is kept low.

DNS-Content Filtering for MSPs from TitanHQ

DNS content filtering for MSPs is made simple by TitanHQ with WebTitan Cloud for MSPs. This cloud-delivered service allows MSPs to rapidly add this service for clients with minimal effort. MSPs can provide precise filtering services due to highly granular controls, protect against access to malicious websites thanks to rapidly updated blocklists from a global network of more than 500 million endpoints, and these filtering controls are applied without downloading any content, ensuring zero latency.

WebTitan Cloud has been developed to perfectly meet the needs of MSPs, who have been considered from the design stage. In contrast to the DNS filtering services provided by many other cybersecurity companies, MSPs get important benefits such as the ability to host the solution with TitanHQ, in a private cloud, or within their own infrastructure. The solution can be provided as a white label ready to take an MSP’s branding or that of their clients, and a full set of APIs are provided for easy integration into an MSP’s back-office infrastructure.

The solution is scalable with no limits, supports clients with static or dynamic IPs, integrates with LDAP and Active Directory for ease of applying custom filtering controls for user groups and locations, and there is easy client administration through an intuitive central control panel, through which all clients can be accessed individually or managed in bulk. On top of that, there is cost-effective usage-based pricing, monthly billing, and generous margins for MSPs.

With WebTitan Cloud, DNS content filtering for MSPs is as easy as it gets, and MSPs benefit from industry-leading customer support and access to a wealth of sales and marketing content if they need any help to sell the service to their clients. For more information on DNS content filtering for MSPs with WebTitan Cloud, to book a product demonstration, or for help getting the most out of a free trial of the product, give the TitanHQ team a call.