MSP Spam Filtering

Managed service providers typically provide a set of core IT services to their clients, but it is possible to generate regular, recurring revenue by signing up for an MSP spam filtering service and starting to offer managed security services. If you have yet to start offering spam filtering and other cybersecurity services to your customers, you are in a very small minority. According to a recent Datto survey, 99% of MSPs now offer at least some managed security services to their clients, and MSP spam filtering is one of the most commonly provided and beneficial security services for MSP clients.

Demand for MSP Spam Filtering and Other Cybersecurity Services

Many businesses turn to MSPs to manage their IT functions as they lack in-house expertise, and it is usually much easier and cost-effective to pay an MSP to provide those services. The global shortage of cybersecurity professionals means the problem is even worse when it comes to finding skilled staff to manage security functions in-house, and businesses are increasingly seeking those services from MSPs. While some businesses may choose a managed security service provider (MSSP) to handle all their security functions, most small- to medium-sized businesses do not have particularly complex security needs and MSPs can easily provide the required services and partner with an MSSP to provide the services that they are not yet offering.

What are the Benefits of MSP Spam Filtering

Ransomware attacks on businesses have increased and cybercriminals and nation-state threat actors are now focusing on attacking SMBs rather than enterprises. An attack on a large enterprise has the potential to result in a much bigger payment, but enterprises tend to have much better security and the attacks tend to attract more attention from law enforcement. Cyber threat actors have realized that SMBs are the sweet spot. Phishing attacks have also increased, and these can be difficult for SMBs to deal with. Many SMBs rely on the spam filters provided by their email service provider, but these solutions are not very advanced and they cannot detect sophisticated phishing and malware threats.

MSP spam filtering services such as SpamTitan provide much better protection than SMBs can get from their email service provider, including protection against zero-day phishing and malware attacks. The clients of MSPs will benefit from much more comprehensive protection against the full range of email-based attacks if an MSP provides an advanced spam filtering service, and MSPs will have to spend less time mitigating successful attacks. SMBs can naturally pay for spam filtering services themselves, but the time they need to spend setting up, configuring, monitoring, and managing security solutions could be much better spent on other important business functions. As with other IT services provided by MSPs, it is simpler and more cost-effective to obtain those services from MSPs.

Is an MSP Spam Filtering Service Difficult to Incorporate into the Service Stack?

MSPs are used to providing their services remotely. The last thing MSPs want is to have to make site visits. Fortunately, they are not necessary as MSP spam filtering solutions are provided as a cloud-based service which means the solutions can be installed and managed remotely. Some spam filtering services are developed for business use, but they are not ideally suited for use by MSPs. They may not be true multitenant solutions, they can lack a single pane of glass view, updating the solutions and managing client spam filters can be time-consuming, as is providing reports and intelligence to clients on the threats that are being blocked.

As an MSP you want to offer a spam filtering service to better protect clients but also need to make money by providing the service, so a low-maintenance solution is needed. Setup should be quick and easy, and configuring and tailoring the solution for each client should be straightforward, so granular controls are needed. It should also be easy to delegate certain controls to clients – such as giving them the ability to be able to release miscategorized emails from the quarantine folder.

You will already have a client management system, so having the ability to incorporate an MSP spam filter into your existing systems through APIs is a huge win for efficiency. Other features to look for are the option of having a white-label product to take your own branding, and the ability to host the solution within your own environment should you so wish.

If you choose an MSP spam filter that has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs and has all of these features, you are likely to have a far better experience.

Speak with TitanHQ About Adding Security Services to Your Tech Stack

TitanHQ can help MSPs increase their bottom lines and better protect their clients from the full range of email-based attacks through two SpamTitan products – SpamTitan Cloud and SpamTitan Plus. SpamTitan Cloud provides multiple layers of protection to block spam, phishing, malware, ransomware, and business email compromise attacks, including sophisticated zero-day attacks. The solution is delivered as a 100% cloud-based service and can be hosted with TitanHQ, in a private cloud, or within an MSP’s infrastructure.

MSPs benefit from a white-label product ready to take their branding, monthly billing, a very competitive price, and generous margins. For clients requiring greater protection, there is SpamTitan Plus. SpamTitan Plus has all the benefits of SpamTitan Cloud but provides faster detection of malicious URLs in emails than any of the current market leaders thanks to 100% coverage of ALL market-leading phishing feeds, URL rewriting, and time-of-click protection against malicious links in emails.

MSP spam filtering is a great place to start when considering providing security services, but through the TitanShield program, MSPs also have access to cloud-delivered DNS filtering, email archiving, email encryption, and security awareness training and phishing simulation solutions, all of which are ideal for MSPs and easy to incorporate into your tech stack. TitanHQ’s MSP spam filtering service, like all TitanHQ solutions, is provided along with full access to marketing materials to help the sales team sell the service to clients and MSPs benefit from industry-leading customer service and support. If you do have any problems, the TitanHQ team is on hand to get any issues resolved quickly with no fuss.

For more information about partnering with TitanHQ and offering security services to clients, speak with the TitanHQ channel team today!


Why do businesses increasingly rely on MSPs for cybersecurity services?

Businesses increasingly rely on MSPs for cybersecurity services due to a lack of in-house expertise. The global shortage of cybersecurity professionals and the rapid evolution of online threats means it is impossible for smaller businesses to keep up to date with, and protect against, the latest threats. Thus, an increasing number of businesses seek cybersecurity services from MSPs.

Why might SMBs be more attractive targets for cybercriminals than large enterprises?

SMBs might be more attractive targets for cybercriminals than large enterprises for a number of reasons. First, SMBs are viewed as easier targets with weaker defenses. Secondly, many SMBs are service providers for larger enterprises, so an attack against a small business could be the foundation for an attack against a larger enterprise. Thirdly, attacks on smaller businesses do not attract the same degree of law enforcement attention.

How do SMBs benefit from obtaining spam filtering services from MSPs?

SMBs benefit from obtaining spam filtering services from MSPs because MSP services are typically more sophisticated than those an SMB might deploy for themselves, and therefore more capable of resisting sophisticated email attacks. Additionally, by using MSPs, SMBs can save time that would be otherwise spent setting up, monitoring, and managing security solutions. This allows SMBs to focus on other critical business functions.

How do MSP spam filtering services enhance security for SMBs?

MSP spam filtering services enhance security for SMBs by offering protection against email-borne threats beyond that offered by typical email service providers. The services defend against sophisticated phishing and malware threats, including zero-day attacks, giving SMBs protection against loss, fraud, and damage to their business reputations.

Are spam filtering services difficult to incorporate into an existing MSP security portfolio?

Spam filtering services are not difficult to incorporate into an existing MSP security portfolio. Most MSP spam filtering solutions are cloud-based, meaning they can be deployed with a quick adjustment to the mail exchange function and thereafter managed remotely. The challenge arises when solutions are not designed with MSPs in mind, making client management more cumbersome.

Therefore, MSPs looking to add spam filtering services to an existing MSP security portfolio should look for a service that offers a quick setup, easy configuration, granular controls, and client delegation options. Integrating the spam filter into existing client management systems through APIs – and the option for white-label branding – are other important considerations.