A recent market study by HTF Market Intelligence predicts there will be “phenomenal growth” in the web filtering service market over the next six years.

HTF Market Report is a global research and market intelligence consulting organization and a brand of HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Private Limited. HTF Market Report provides detailed social and market intelligence and data analytics for organizations to help with decision-making, developing transformational growth strategies, investment programs, and new product development projects.

An in-depth understanding of industry convergence, Mega Trends, and market trends and technologies allows HTF Market Intelligence to deliver highly accurate forecasts to help companies develop and realize their goals and objectives.

The latest report contains a complete analysis of the web filtering market, which HTF Market Intelligence says is currently developing its presence. The report details current growth factors, growth predictions by region, historical market data, predicted future trends, industry validated data, and facts and attentive opinions. The report also includes financial data from some of the leading companies to develop web filtering services.

The report covers key players in the web filtering market, including US firms Webroot and iboss, UK firm Interoute, and Ireland DNS filtering solution provider, TitanHQ. The report provides insights on market segmentation and product segments such as keyword filtering, file type filtering, URL filtering and DNS filtering.

TitanHQ is proud to be included in the HTF Market Report and named with market leaders in the field of web filtering technology.

For more than 20 years, TitanHQ has been developing innovative technologies to protect businesses from malware, viruses, ransomware, botnets, phishing attacks, and malicious websites. TitanHQ’s web filtering solution – WebTitan, spam filtering technology – SpamTitan – and email archiving solution – ArcTitan are now offered by more than 1,500 managed service providers (MSPs) and have been adopted by more than 7,500 businesses worldwide.

The full market report can be found on this link.