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The TitanHQ team have worked on email anti-spam solutions for retailers, web filtering for shops and email archiving for retail businesses for over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of the web security issues that all retailers have protecting staff and customers. Our retail experience extends across all retail sectors; banking, department stores, specialty retailers, wholesale and logistics, supermarkets, fashion stores, entertainment, technology, sports, home stores and hardware. From global retail chains to the corner coffee shop all these businesses require web security and protection. You’re working with a team who understand key areas such as wifi for retail, malware, phishing, ransomware and the need for security off site. We’re also a member of Digital Friendly WiFi and the Internet Watch Foundation.

Key Product Features

Eliminate malware

Threats such as malware, phishing attacks and botnets can stop your business in its tracks. TitanHQs combination of layered solutions allows you to secure your network and web traffic.


With WebTitan for Wi-Fi you can protect customers using GUEST Wi-Fi from dangerous web threats. These threats range from inadvertently visiting a dangerous malware laden site or inappropriate or illegal sites.


TitanHQ solutions are straightforward to implement and hassle free. For retailers WebTitan for WiFi is easy to implement, you simply add your external IP address to the WebTitan GUI and change DNS forwarders, then you’re ready to offer safe Internet access

Centralized Management

With centralized management you can save on investment in IT resources that might otherwise be required to individually manage the Wi-Fi access at store locations.


All our solutions are very affordable, effective and easy to use and importantly you simply set and forget.


Extensive reporting with all our solutions. For WebTitan Wi-FI you can report on allowed and blocked websites drilling down to location activity by category or group.

World Class Support

World class support – we are renowned for our focus on supporting customers.

Tried & Tested

Used by 100’s of stores and retail outlets worldwide.

What our customers say

It’s just so easy! All we had to do was add our external IP address to the GUI and change our DNS forwarders. As soon as a we were set up on WebTitan WiFi it showed up on the management console.

Alasdair Morison, IT Manager

WebTitan Cloud adds a strong layer of protection to our customer’s router and WiFi set up. WebTitan Cloud just fits perfectly in a place where nothing else really does

Tanner Harman, President

If only life was as easy as SpamTitan !! Lovely product – up and running beautifully & very simple to configure. As a software developer I appreciate well crafted software , and yours definitely wears that label. Retire all your support staff, they are superfluous.

Kevin Kidson, President
Wine SouthAfrica

WebTitan for Retail

Advanced Web Content Filtering deployed as a cloud-based solution.

SpamTitan for Retail

Comprehensive Email Anti-Spam Solution. Can be deployed as a gateway or cloud based solution.

ArcTitan for Retail

ArcTitan Email Archiving. Cloud based email archiving built for business

Why is WebTitan perfect for Retail?
  • Available as a cloud or on-prem solution
  • Provide a safe WiFi experience for staff and guests
  • Simple to Manage – Automated updating, backup and reporting, full diagnostics reporting, intuitive user interface
  • No limit on the number of routers, hotspots, or WiFi networks
  • Complete User Visibility – Full reporting suite, multiple delivery options, real time company wide browsing view
  • Prevent staff viewing inappropriate and illegal content
  • Promote child-friendly WiFi access
  • Internet Policy Compliance – granular policy engine, by user or group, bandwidth and time
  • Top alternative retail web filter to Cisco Umbrella
Why is SpamTitan perfect for Retail?
  • SpamTitan blocks over 99.9% of spam, viruses, malware and other email threats.
  • A highly scalable, functionally rich solution offering the best email protection for your staff and guests.
  • Scalable to meet your organizations needs
  • One of the most functionally rich products available on the market
  • Filter your organisation’s email traffic without expensive or time consuming overheads
  • Flexible pricing models to suit your needs
Why is ArcTitan perfect for Retail?
  • Cloud Based Email Archiving, E-discovery and Compliance Made Easy for your Customers
  • Email Archiving in the Cloud. Secure, Encrypted, Fast. Quick to setup, and easy
  • Secure, Encrypted email transfer, storage and retrieval
  • HIPAA, SOX (and more) standards compliance
  • Compatible with your email server
  • Comprehensive searching and reporting
  • Audited access trail

Case Studies

With WebTitan Cloud for WiFi Selfridges don’t need to worry about WiFi security anymore!

Selfridges had to ensure that guests could not access malicious sites or view inappropriate content while using the in-store WiFi network.

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GVS Enjoy Increased Productivity Since Deploying WebTitan On Premise

The Gift Voucher Shop decided to deploy a Web Filtering solution to manage internet usage in the work place. Management believed if they could…

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Harrisonburg City Public School deploys SpamTitan to ease the burden of combating…

Read how SpamTitan Gateway protected over 5000 mailboxes in this school.

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