SpamTitan Technologies today announced the release of SpamTitan v5.12 . Release 5.12 includes a range of enhancements including greater Application controls as well as improved Zimbra support features, IPv6 support and new customization & language options. The latest version of SpamTitan includes further customization options which allows users, including managed service providers and channel partners, superior branding opportunities. The marketing benefits offered by these customisation tools allows MSPs further reinforce their branding message to business end user.

The complete SpamTitan anti spam service is now available in the Russian language. As well as the Russian language version SpamTitan now supports 14 languages options.

Improved Zimbra support features

SpamTitan 5.12 introduces built in integration options for Zimbra mail including recipient verification look up attributes giving customers using SpamTitan in a Zimbra environment increased confidence  in SpamTitans ability to  reduce the risk and complexity of implementing sophisticated mail and security solutions easily.

Application Control Features

The new release allows for further deployment options  including the support of multiple network interfaces as well as port forwarding functionality. The addition of  Alias IP Address support for multiple network interfaces allows for more flexible network management.

With the ability to specify multiple LDAP recipient verification servers SpamTitan 5.12 offers improved performance and provides for failover and redundancy if one of the verification servers becomes unavailable.

Enhanced IPv6 support

New features in SpamTitan 5.12 further enhance IPv6 support. SpamTitan are developing all products and services with an eye toward IPv6 readiness based on end user feedback. IPv6 supportability via the ‘Set up network’ user interface screen means a user can choose to deploy their SpamTitan anti spam gateway in an IPv6 network and implement effortlessly.

User Interface Enhancements

The latest release includes some wide-ranging user interface enhancements further improving the intuitive web UI and giving quick access to system information and management features. Significant changes have been made to the Network Setup screen, domain and user policy pages allowing user to make even more intuitive, simpler  and straightforward (single click) changes.

All of the above new features and enhancements offer users increased flexibility and control, making SpamTitan easier to implement and use. The flexibility offered by these features along with the product’s reliability, capacity and tracking abilities is invaluable to dynamic environments. It is recommended that customers read all release notes fully prior to migrating to the latest version. For instruction on how to move to the latest version please visit our support page.

Pricing and Availability

All SpamTitan customers with a current license can move to SpamTitan 5.12 FREE of charge. SpamTitan anti spam is available in three flavours: SpamTitan ISO, SpamTitan for VMware and SpamTitan on Demand. Pricing starts at $395. For full pricing visit pur Pricing page.