TitanHQ has added a new auto-remediation feature to its Microsoft 365 anti-phishing solution, PhishTitan, to better meet the needs of managed service providers (MSP) and M365 administrators.

According to Statista, more than two million companies worldwide use Microsoft 365, including more than 1.3 million in the United States. Given the number of companies that use Microsoft 365, it is naturally a big target for cybercriminals and nation-state actors. If threat actors can steal M365 credentials, they can access a treasure trove of valuable business data and gain a foothold for more extensive and damaging attacks. Microsoft offers protection against spam, phishing, malware, and business email compromise attacks, but the best level of protection is only available with its costly E5 premium license, which is prohibitively expensive for many small businesses. Even companies that can afford this costly license do not get cutting-edge protection against phishing and BEC attacks.

To consistently block sophisticated phishing attempts, BEC attacks, and zero-day threats, businesses need more advanced protection than Microsoft can offer, and many turn to PhishTitan from TitanHQ – an integrated Cloud Email Security Solution (ICES) that provides cutting-edge protection against the most damaging, sophisticated phishing threats, BEC, account takeover, VIP impersonation, and zero-day attacks. In recent Virus Bulletin Tests, the engine that powers PhishTitan achieved an exceptional spam catch rate of 99.983%, a malware catch rate of 99.511%, and a phishing catch rate of 99.914%, with zero false positives. PhishTitan was shown to outperform Microsoft’s highest level of protection. For every 80,000 emails received, PhishTitan blocks 20 more unique and sophisticated attacks than Microsoft’s E5 filtering option.

The latest update to PhishTitan adds a new auto-remediation feature, which allows administrators to tailor the management of malicious emails based on the severity level. When a threat is detected, a banner is added to the email that warns the user about the threat; however, auto-remediation allows administrators to apply rules to deal with these messages according to the threat level, such as automatically diverting the emails to the junk folder. This feature acts like a virtual SOC and minimizes the risk to end users, especially individuals who tend to ignore email banners.

Auto-remediation is just one of the new features PhishTitan has gained since its launch. PhishTitan has also received an update to protect users from the growing threat of QR code phishing attacks (QRishing). QR codes are problematic for many anti-spam and anti-phishing solutions, as they cannot decipher the URLs in QR codes and check the destination URL, which is why cybercriminals are increasingly using QR codes in their phishing emails. PhishTitan can analyze the URLs encoded in QR codes, assess the risk, and notify end users.

PhishTitan also supports allow-listing, which administrators can use to automatically white-list trusted senders to make sure that their emails are always delivered, and notifications can also be fed into Microsoft Teams. Since administrators can spend a considerable amount of time in the application, a dark mode has been added to improve the user experience, and many more updates are planned and will be rolled out soon.

“We are excited to introduce Auto Remediation, QR code protection, and many additional powerful new features to our valued customers. At TitanHQ, we collaborate closely with partners to develop tailored solutions addressing critical customer IT security challenges,” said TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh. “PhishTitan provides MSPs with an unmatched value proposition, featuring effortless deployment and lucrative recurring revenue streams, ultimately delivering a positive return on investment.”

If you want to improve protection against email threats or have any questions about PhishTitan, give the TitanHQ team a call. TitanHQ also offers award-winning DNS filtering, spam filtering, email encryption, email archiving, security awareness training, and phishing simulation solutions, all of which are available on a free trial.