2016 Nexgen Cloud Conference: Anaheim, CA

The 2016 Nexgen Cloud Conference is an important event in the annual conference calendar for managed service providers looking to drive new revenue and increase profitability. The conference is geared toward service providers on the cutting edge of the channel who are looking to gain a much deeper understanding of the latest technologies and cloud-based solutions, and most importantly, how to monetize those technologies.

The 2016 Nexgen Cloud Conference provides an excellent opportunity for service providers to build new relationships with trusted partners that can provide cloud-based products and services that will increase MSP’s bottom lines.

The conference is not about being bombarded with sales pitches. Attendees get the opportunity to have real conversations with solution providers and can hear true success stories, gain invaluable advice on implementing new offerings, and how they can differentiate their business from the competition and stand out from the crowd.

Advice is also offered on how to increase value for customers, capture lasting monthly revenues, and structure sales and marketing teams to get the most from cloud-enabled offerings. Conference attendees will not only be given the opportunity to meet new partners. They will be provided with actionable strategies to transform their businesses and become next-generation service providers.

TitanHQ to Exhibit at the 2016 Nexgen Cloud Conference

Hot on the heels of the speaking engagement at Xchange 2016 in Texas, where the key benefits of adding a web filtering solution to service offerings was explained to MSPs, TitanHQ will be on the road again and will be attending the 2016 Nexgen Cloud Conference.

Whether you are an MSP looking to add a cloud-based web filtering to your service offering or a WiFi integrator that has grown frustrated with a current web filtering partner, make sure you schedule a meeting with TitanHQ team at the Nexgen Cloud Conference.

TitanHQ has developed web filtering and spam filtering solutions specifically for MSPs. The solutions can be easily integrated into existing service offerings to boost client revenue and help MSPs attract new business.

To ensure you have the opportunity of discussing the benefits of TitanHQ’s spam-filtering and web filtering solutions for MSPs, contact TitanHQ by email on info@titanhq.com and book a meeting with the MSP team at this year’s conference.

The 2016 Nexgen Cloud Conference with CRN will be taking place at the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, California between December 6-7 2016. Advance registrations can be made on this link.


2016 Nexgen Cloud Conference

2016 CEPTA Annual Conference in Sacramento

The 2016 CEPTA Annual Conference is a highlight in the calendar for IT professionals working in schools in California. While there are many conferences in California that provide opportunities to discover the most beneficial technology for the education sector, the 2016 CEPTA Annual Conference is unique. It is the only annual conference in the state that caters specifically to IT professionals working in schools.

Consequently, the 2016 CEPTA Annual Conference is a hugely popular event drawing in visitors from all across the state of California and beyond. This is the 56th year that the conference has been staged and a large audience is expected. Attendees will include CTOs, Directors of Technology, Data Base Administrators, IT Support staff, Technicians, Network Managers and Engineers. Attendees are provided with a unique opportunity to conduct research on the latest technology and can find out more about the best IT products and services for K-12 schools.

In addition to providing an excellent opportunity for in depth product research, the conference is also a great place for building connections and networking, sharing ideas, discovering best practices and finding out how to avoid problems when starting new projects.

TitanHQ is pleased to announce that the its IT security products will be showcased at this year’s event and attendees will be able to discuss their web filtering and spam filtering needs.

A recent study by BitSight has shown that the education industry is now the top targeted industry by ransomware gangs, with schools and other educational institutions having been attacked with ransomware three times more often than the healthcare industry and 10 times more frequently than the finance industry. The use of security solutions such as web filters and spam-filters has never been more important to keep networks secure.

TitanHQ’s Alliance Manager and Education specialist Eric Simpson will be attending the conference to discuss how TitanHQ’s products can be used to manage online threats and staff, students, and school networks protected.

Be sure to visit TitanHQ in the exhibition hall; however, since the event is likely to be busy, please contact Eric – esimpson@titanhq.com – in advance to arrange a meeting.

The 2016 CEPTA Annual Conference will be taking place at the Sacramento Convention Center between November 8-11. If you have not yet registered for the conference you can do so on this link.


2016 CEPTA Annual Conference

San Diego Learning Council Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion

TitanHQ is pleased to confirm that Alliance Manager and Education specialist Eric Simpson will be speaking at the San Diego Learning Council Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion this year. Eric will be explaining the importance of implementing a web filtering solution with a particular focus on K12 schools and districts. With the range of online threats having increased dramatically in recent years it is now more important than ever to implement a web filtering solution to keep staff and students protected.

TitanHQ has a long and successful history of helping K12 schools, districts, and universities throughout the United States install web security products to protect their networks and users. Eric will be explaining some of those success stories and the benefits that come from implementing a web filtering solution.

Each year, The Learning Council stages 30 Digital Curriculum Discussions across the United States. The discussions are day-long meetings where local superintendents, Chief Academic Officers, CIOs, and instructional technologists get to hear about the latest working tactics and strategy points and take part in a host of training exercises.

If you are interested in attending or would like to discuss web filtering in more detail, please contact Eric in advance at esimpson@titanhq.com.

If you have not already registered for the San Diego Learning Council Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion, you can do so on this link.

The San Diego Learning Council Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion is being held on November 1 at the University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, UC-Forum A, San Diego, CA 92110 on November 1, 2016.

About The Learning Council

The Learning Council was formed in 2014 with the aim of helping educational establishments transition to a digital curriculum. The Learning Council provides detailed research and reference material to help K-12 school leaders source the most beneficial apps and tools to make the transition to the digital curriculum as smooth as possible. In two years, membership has grown substantially and now includes more than 170,000 curriculum specialists, Chief Academic Officers, CIOs, superintendents, tech and instructional administrators, and publishers.

TitanHQ to Advise on Web Filtering at the 2016 Educause Annual Conference

The 2016 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference brings together some of the leading thinkers in education and technology from the United States and beyond. Higher education IT and technology companies from over 40 countries will be represented, with attendees from more than 2000 higher education institutions. The conference truly is the premier conference on higher education IT and this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Over 7,000 attendees are expected from higher education institutions, providing an excellent opportunity for networking, learning, and sharing ideas for tacking some of the unique IT challenges faced by the higher education community.

The 2016 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference allows CEOs and CIOs find out which higher education IT solutions are working well and which are not, and in the case of the latter, how to put things right. The 2016 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference will showcase some of the best technology for higher education, with over 250 exhibitors attending, including TitanHQ

TitanHQ’s Alliance Manager and Education specialist Eric Simpson will be attending to discuss Internet safety and security with CEOs and educators. Eric will be explaining how TitanHQ’s web filtering solution can be used to keep higher education networks protected from the myriad of web-borne threats and keep staff and students safe online.

TitanHQ has partnered with many K-12 schools and higher education institutions in the United States and beyond and Eric will be on hand to explain the key benefits of choosing TitanHQ as your web filtering partner.

To find out more about why WebTitan is ideally suited for protecting wired and wireless networks from cyberattacks, and how Internet access can be carefully and easily controlled without overblocking, stop by and meet Eric and the team at the event.

To book an appointment at the conference to discuss your needs and requirements in depth, please contact Eric by email at esimpson@titanhq.com.

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is being held at the Annaheim Convention Center in Annaheim, Southern California between Oct 25-28, 2016.


2016 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

Visit TitanHQ at the Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo

TitanHQ is pleased to announce that the team will be attending the Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo: One of the most important global events for anyone involved in the Wi-Fi Industry.

The Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo brings together some of the most influential and celebrated names in the industry who will be offering valuable insights into industry trends and discussing the latest innovations and opportunities.

The event brings together carriers, tech vendors, service providers, consultants, industry bodies, and government/educational organisations and offers attendees the opportunity to learn from thought-leaders from a broad section of the Wi-Fi community. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear case stories from the leading innovators in the industry and pick up tips on how to build a highly successful Wi-Fi business, as well as meeting Wi-Fi tech innovators, established leaders, partners, and clients.

The Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo promises to be bigger and better than last year’s hugely successful event. The Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo will include presentations from over 50 speakers with more than 40 exhibitors showcasing the most exciting Wi-Fi products that have come to market in the past 12 months.

TitanHQ Sales Director Conor Madden has been invited to return following the popularity of his keynote speech at the Wi-Fi Now March conference. Conor will be offering invaluable advice to attendees on essential Wi-Fi security measures to protect both Wi-Fi providers and customers from the myriad of web-borne threats.

Conor’s speech will cover important issues that are likely to have a major impact on Wi-Fi carriers over the coming months, the role that DNS filtering will play in keeping wireless networks secure from attack, and will explain the main HTPPS developments over the past year.

Conor’s will be delivering his keynote speechDNS Filtering: The future of content filtering for WiFi – at 3:30 on day 3 on the main stage.

The TitanHQ team will be attending all three days of the conference. If you plan to attend, contact TitanHQ today on info@titanhq.com to book a meeting to discuss your Wi-Fi security needs.

The WiFi Now 2016 International Expo will be taking place at the ILEC Conference Center in London between October 25-27 2016.

Wi-Fi Now 2016 International Expo