For the second consecutive quarter, TitanHQ’s SpamTitan and PhishTitan solutions earned the #2 spot in the VBSpam+ awards, with a 99.99% phishing catch rate. For more than 20 years, the Virus Bulletin information security portal has been conducting fully independent benchmarking tests of cybersecurity solutions, including email security, anti-malware, and anti-phishing solutions. In the phishing and malware tests, Virus Bulletin fired a barrage of threats and spam at security solutions, but it is not sufficient to just be able to block malware, phishing, and spam. Email security solutions need to be able to block those threats without also blocking genuine emails so Virus Bulletin also sent a range of genuine emails to the email security solutions to make sure they were not overblocking and preventing genuine messages from being delivered quickly.

SpamTitan is provided as a cloud spam filter or gateway spam filter and incorporates machine learning and AI-based detection and sandboxing technology for predictive and behavioral analysis to identify zero-day threats. PhishTitan is TitanHQ’s inline phishing protection solution for Microsoft 365, which improves the Microsoft 365 spam filter. For every 80,000 emails sent to Microsoft 365 accounts, PhishTitan catches 20 threats that Microsoft’s most advanced security offering misses (E5 premium). PhishTitan auto-remediates these phishing threats. The same anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing engine powers both SpamTitan and PhishTitan.

The technological superiority of these solutions was demonstrated in the Virus Bulletin tests. In the Virus Bulletin Q1,2024 benchmarking tests, SpamTitan & PhishTitan achieved an impressive second place in the round of testing with a 99.914% phishing catch rate with a 0.000% false positive rate and a malware catch rate of 99.511%. TitanHQ achieved an overall final score of 99.983%

In the Q2, 2024 benchmarking tests, Virus Bulletin assessed 12 leading email security solutions and TitanHQ performed even better, achieving a phishing catch rate of 99.990%, a malware catch rate of 100.000%, and a false positive rate of 0.000%, resulting in a second-place spot for the second consecutive quarter with an overall final score of 99.984%. TitanHQ was pipped to the top spot by just 0.004% and outperformed email security providers such as Sophos, FortiMail, Mimecast, N-able, SpamAssassin, and Zoho Mail. The test ensures that TitanHQ collects another VBSpam+ certification for Q2, 2024. The scores clearly demonstrate that TitanHQ provides powerful and effective anti-spam and anti-phishing solutions for businesses and Managed Service Providers which are capable of blocking ever-evolving cyber threats. The benchmarking tests cement TitanHQ’s position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry.

“This test reaffirms TitanHQ’s unrivaled prowess in spam and phishing protection—we stand as the first choice for combating phishing attempts and spam infiltrations,” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO at TitanHQ. “Our customers need not settle for anything less. With TitanHQ solutions, they receive unparalleled defense against phishing and spam and experience minimal false positives.”

Ronan Kavanagh explained that the company is attracting an unprecedented number of new Managed Service Provider customers who have decided to make the switch from other solutions to TitanHQ, not only because of the impressive level of protection provided, but also the low management overhead, ease of use, and the MSP features of both SpamTitan and PhishTitan, which were developed from the ground up to meet the needs to MSPs. “Their resounding feedback echoes the sentiment: TitanHQ delivers immediate and substantial threat mitigation. These independent test results validate our ongoing efforts, ensuring our customers benefit from top-tier protection against phishing, spam, and viruses at a compelling value proposition.”