SpamTitan for Internet Providers SpamTitan is the ideal Anti Spam Software for Internet Service Providers, System Integrators and Managed Email Service Providers. It will allow you to offer your customers the best email protection coupled with the specific functionality designed for enhanced managed email offerings. As well as the highest levels of spam protection, dual antivirus and many other functions you see with our spam filter we have also developed a number of specific functions to allow you use SpamTitan to offer managed email services.

Why SpamTitan for Service Providers?

  • Unlimited number of domains

An unlimited number of domains can be entered and configured on our anti spam software as a single file allowing you to migrate from an existing system without the painstaking task of having to re-enter each domain one by one.

  • Per domain administrators

Can be created for each hosted domain giving them powers to manage elements of their own email, including search and release from their quarantine, create whitelist blacklists for their domain, create reports, view domain history.

  • Reduces Workload

By creating the administrators for each domain that is hosted, the support overhead for your managed service provider is reduced.

  • Low Management Overhead

SpamTitan is designed with the lowest management overhead possible thus ensuring Total Cost of Service is kept to a minimum in this competitive market.

  • Per Domain Reporting

A full suite of reports can be set up for each domain including license count, mail usage, spam reports etc. These can be created by the SpamTitan administrator or by the local domain administrator depending on requirements.

  • Automatic updates

Customers will always have up-to-minute protection thanks to automatic updates.

  • Customisation

You can rebrand SpamTitan with your logos and information to ensure your customers are continually reminded of the excellent services you provide.

  • Flexible price model

SpamTitan's pricing model allow for the flexibility required when dealing with the fluctuating numbers of customers as is common when offering managed mail services.


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