SpamTitan VMware®

SpamTitan for VMware® is a complete operating system and software suite designed to run on VMware. Using VMware® will enable you to run SpamTitan on any server irrespective of the operating system.

Full SpamTitan software and OS can be downloaded for free as an image file and burned to CD for installation on a VMware® platform

SpamTitan VMware® Technical Specifications

  • Double antivirus scanning with zero day attack supported by Kaspersky Lab.
  • Multi Layers of spam protection, including custom pattern filtering rules to block or accept messages based on filter rules applied to messages subject, header or body.
  • End user quarantine reports available in 14 different languages.
  • Content filtering that enables to block unwanted attachments including file types, mime types and renamed files.
  • Highly effective, with low False Positive rate of less than 0.03%.
  • Ability to blacklist top level domains (TLD).
  • RBL lookup
  • Web based GUI allows to access SpamTitan using an intuitive web based interface.
  • Fully automated updating, backup reporting, including antivirus, anti spam, new version releases, configuration back up and management reports.
  • Plug and Play solution, up and running in 30 minutes.

For Full Specification download SpamTitan VMware® product datasheet in .pdf file.

SpamTitan VMware® Installation Quick Guide

  • Download SpamTitan for VMware®.
  • Download VMware® and install it.
  • Using your version of VMware® load the SpamTitan image.
  • Configure SpamTitan and protect your email.
  • 30 day Free Full Product Support.

For full installation guide and other relevant documentation go to SpamTitan Documentation section.


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