SpamTitan email security solution now available in Italian

SpamTitan today announced that the Italian version of SpamTitan is now available. As well as the English language version SpamTitan is now available in 5 other languages, covering more than 100 countries and reaching over one billion potential users. The quarantine report element of the product is now available in 12 languages including English.

The new Italian version of SpamTitan provides a language upgrade for millions of existing users that will now be able to use the product in their own native language. Italian speaking users can log on to their SpamTitan web interface and choose Italian as  a language option for the first time, providing them with the  reassurance and confidence that using a native language brings.  “This announcement clearly demonstrates SpamTitans commitment to building on its position as a leading provider of email gateway security solutions by localizing SpamTitan and growing into new territories,” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO of SpamTitan. “By offering SpamTitan in new languages we are presenting millions of additional email users with the opportunity to access the growing benefits of SpamTitan,” said Kavanagh.

All language versions of SpamTitan are available to download as a 30 day trial from Users visiting the SpamTitan web sites in various languages will be able to download the free 30 day trial from those sites also.
In addition this update includes an update to Clam AV, the new version improves handling of archives and fixes various issues found in previous releases.

In conjunction with this launch and in consideration of further global growth, SpamTitan is announcing that its  new website which be going live in August, the new website is designed to better support all of our customers, partners and new business prospects. The new SpamTitan website will facilitate future growth with added functionality and a fresh new look and feel.

SpamTitan scores highly in Spanish PC Actual magazine review.

Boston & Galway, MA, July 24th 2009 – In this ‘PC Actual’ review of SpamTitan’s Anti-Spam Software, SpamTitan scored a excellent 8.4 out of 10 and was highly recommended for businesses of all sizes. PC Actual is the second best selling IT magazine in Spain and the most prestigious in terms of technical range.

Full article is available here (please note this article is in Spanish).

The article highlighted certain SpamTitan features as being particularly beneficial to small and medium businesses. Firstly the benefit of having two antivirus engines (Kaspersky and Clam) included in the product was seen as a significant benefit. This double anti-virus protection provides piece of mind and comes as a standard part of SpamTitan at no extra charge.

Another important feature mentioned was the fact that  SpamTitan is a fully automated anti-spam solution, this is a big advantage to IT Administrators in terms of ease of management and time saving. The surveys closing statement is ‘SpamTitan is a highly recommended solution to help you forget about Spam forever’.

SpamTitan have once again been included on the CRN Emerging Security Vendors List for 2009.

Boston & Galway July 24th 2009 – SpamTitan are delighted to announce that they have once again appeared on the CRN Emerging Vendors List. “SpamTitan anti-spam software continues to successfully help thousands of companies worldwide to rid users’ inboxes of spam, viruses and other email threats’ said Ronan Kavanagh CEO of SpamTitan Technologies.  We are honoured to be recognized by CRN and its readers for delivering industry-leading anti-spam products,”.  “By moving into the top 30 this year, demonstrates our ability to consistently and effectively address today’s top security challenges for a more secure enterprise.” Review the full emerging security vendors list here.

An impressive aspect of SpamTitan is that  SpamTitan can be implemented in two ways : downloaded as an ISO CD-ROM image for installation on a standalone server; or as a virtual machine for VM Ware, regardless of the operating system.

About SpamTitan
SpamTitan, the global provider of sophisticated enterprise-level email security solutions, offers small and medium size businesses the most comprehensive protection from email threats, including SPAM, viruses, Trojans, Phishing, Malware and other unwanted content.
 SpamTitan’s unique approach in utilizing next-generation virtualization software, eliminates the need for unwieldy hardware, giving customers unparalleled flexibility, versatility and capability but at an affordable price. Integrating best of breed technologies, SpamTitan provides an easy to install, easy to manage and highly secure email gateway. SpamTitan, a division of CopperFasten, is a global company with headquarters in Galway, Ireland.    For further information visit,

SpamTitan Email Security Survey Clears Up Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Misconceptions

SPF Is Not a Silver Bullet for the Prevention of Spam

SpamTitan BOSTON, MA and GALWAY, IRELAND–(Marketwire – June 8, 2009) – SpamTitan, a leading producer of email security solutions, today announced the results of its industry survey of some 500 users of email security solutions exposing several misconceptions around Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

To dispel any misleading references of SPF’s use, it is important to define SPF and its key purpose — an anti-forgery approach in which the Internet domain of an e-mail sender can be authenticated for that sender, thereby discouraging spam mailers who routinely disguise the origin of their e-mail, a practice known as e-mail spoofing.

SpamTitan’s recent survey uncovered that some 43% of small and medium size businesses (SMBs) were under the misconception that SPF is a method that can be used to stop spam from being sent using unauthorized domain names. Approximately 52% of organizations surveyed were not aware that SPF can only stop spammers from forging the "From" field in the e-mail and that SPF does not stop spammers from sending e-mails from a domain of which it is a member. 

Read the full article here

SpamTitan Unveils the SpamTitan Cluster Management Configuration for Enterprise-Class Email Security Solutions

Boston, MA and Galway, Ireland, March 2, 2009– SpamTitan, a leading producer of email security solutions, today announced the availability of SpamTitan CMC, a cluster management configuration (CMC) for  best in class email security solutions targeted at helping small and medium sized enterprises. 

SpamTitan CMC, configured to allow the clustering of multiple nodes for both redundancy and to increase total system capacity, provides enhanced monitoring and autonomic failover capabilities.  It ensures data is always available, even in the event that a node is turned off or unavailable for any reason.  The cluster can be managed through a single interface by the administrator proving centralized reporting and end user digests for all email activity.

For centralized management, SpamTitan CMC allows the customer to have complete control over their configuration and policy across the cluster and the ability to share the “load” across all cluster nodes so that administrators can change policy or access any message received across the cluster from any individual node.  The cluster can be managed through a single interface by the administrator, allowing the administrator to attain centralized reporting and end user digests. For remote locations, SpamTitan CMC can span geographies to facilitate redundancy across sites.

SpamTitan CMC ensures the optimum use of resources and avoids queues building up on any one appliance through loadbalancing using  MX records or any 3rd party IP load balancer,.  Customers no longer have to worry about extending their resources such as sending too much mail to one appliance.

“We are excited to announce the SpamTitan CMC and finally provide the SBM market high performance email security solutions with advanced clustering capabilities at an affordable price, stated Ronan Kavanagh, SpamTitan President and CEO.  “Our SpamTitan CMC offers enterprise class functionality including instant scalability, failover and load balancing, all of which can be achieved very simply via a single screen web interface.”

The SpamTitan CMC is priced right for small and medium sized enterprises.  The price for a 50 user license and the SpamTitan CMC for 2 nodes is priced at $775.  Existing customers with a 100 user license (priced at $550) pay only $275 for a 100 user SpamTitan CMC.  

About SpamTitan
SpamTitan, the global provider of sophisticated enterprise-level email security solutions, offers small and medium size businesses the most comprehensive protection from email threats, including SPAM, viruses, Trojans, Phishing, Malware and other unwanted content. SpamTitan’s unique approach in utilizing next-generation virtualization software, eliminates the need for unwieldy hardware, giving customers unparalleled flexibility, versatility and capability but at an affordable price. Integrating best of breed technologies, SpamTitan provides an easy to install, easy to manage and highly secure email gateway. SpamTitan, a division of CopperFasten, is a global company with headquarters in Galway, Ireland. For further information visit,


SpamTitan features in Messaging News

Boston & Galway, MA, February 23, 2009 – This article discusses the growing adoption of virtualisation not just in enterprise but among SMB’s. The article highlights SpamTitans solutions specifically built to run on this platform.

To read the full article by Stephanie Jordon (Editor – Messaging News) titled ‘ Options grow for Virtualised Environments ‘ click here

A Powerful security engine & superb flexibity sets SpamTitan apart from the crowd.

Boston, MA, February 12, 2009– In a recent review by CRN magazine SpamTitan scored an outstanding 4 stars. The article recommended the product as a "comprehensive and flexible email security solution  that will appeal to many firms". In the review CRN rated SpamTitan highly on ease of deployment, flexibility and the ability to offer a scaleable email security solution.
An aspect of SpamTitan, which greatly impressed the reviewer, is that  SpamTitan can be implemented in several ways : downloaded as an ISO CD-ROM image for installation on a standalone server; or as a virtual machine for VM Ware, regardless of the operating system.
The full review can be read  here .

SpamTitan in -Green Benefits to Virtualization

Virtualization used to be a somewhat esoteric technology deployed mainly in large-scale data center server consolidation projects, however, with VMware and other virtualization vendors releasing products specifically geared for the small and mid-sized business market (and priced accordingly), virtualization is now within the reach of all.

Read the full article here

SpamTitan Review in Windows ITPro Germany

Kein Müll in die Postfächer

von Thomas Bär

18. Dezember 2008

Kein Unternehmen kann heute einen E-Mailserver betreiben, ohne dabei zugleich auch eine geeignete Antispam-Lösung einzusetzen. Die Abwehr von Spam-Nachrichten ist eigentlich eine typische Leistung des Providers. Doch was tun, wenn ein eigener Mailserver mit externer Internetanbindung ans Netz geht? Wir stellen eine Lösung vor, die in diesen Fällen helfen kann.

Read the full article here

SpamTitan Releases Version 4.14 for Automated Remote Access Support

Boston, MA and Galway, Ireland – November 12, 2008 –  SpamTitan, an e-mail security software provider, announces today that it has released its version 4.14 with an API (Application Programming Interface)  that allows greater support through remote management.  SpamTitan’s software, which is available in both a VMware-certified virtual version as well as an ISO version, is now offering additional support to its ISP (Internet Service Provider) customer base. 

ISPs who use the SpamTitan solution will be able to easily manage a large number of domains by configuring their programming interface via SpamTitan’s API without needing to go through a UI (user interface).  ISPs will have the opportunity to hook the addition of domains directly into the SpamTitan API in order to automate the signing up of new clients to their mail filtering service. This continues SpamTitan’s roll out of features for the ISPs from the ability to manage individual customers domains and whitelists to viewing quarantine reports in 11 different languages.

Business continuity provider Low Cost Host Ltd., based in the UK, has been very successful with SpamTitan’s security solutions. CTO Phillip Baker states: "Automation & integration is the key to both customer satisfaction and low overheads for pretty much any ISP-oriented business in the marketplace today. The addition of API functionality that allows both ourselves and our licencing customers to work on complete integration of SpamTitan into existing automated business processes is a welcome enhancement and shows a commitment by SpamTitan not only to evolving the product but to making our  customers’ businesses a success."

SpamTitan’s CEO Ronan Kavanagh explains, “we have had such tremendous response from ISPs with the functionality of this software, especially at its very accessible price point. We are very pleased to now offer greater automated support, which develops into lower product management overhead and thus lower total cost of ownership for our partners. “

As the first virtual appliance focused on the ISP market, SpamTitan is seeing incredible reaction from their savvy client base.  The virtues of this technology make significant improvements to the way business is managed and automated.  This next level of service through an automated API will once again allow a fresh, progressive manner of doing business.

SpamTitan feature in Communications News- Athletics win with antivirus

Low-cost, easy-to-deploy software defeats spam at Penn State University.

Universities and colleges often face a more challenging IT and network security challenge than typical corporate networks. With the rise of peer-to-peer (P2P), file sharing and MP3 trading, campuses have become a haven for viruses and spyware. By nature, these networks are fairly open and unsegmented. Penn State University is no exception.

Read the full article here

SpamTitan To Preview Email Security Software at VMworld

Boston, MA and Galway, Ireland- Sept 15, 2008 – Executives from leading email security software developer SpamTitan will be available at VMworld in Las Vegas this week to demonstrate their e mail security virtual appliance.  VMworld is held from Sept 15 -18 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and brings together leaders in the virtualization arena.  

SpamTitan was the first virtual email security software to be certified by VMware.  With a long-standing connection to VMware, SpamTitan CEO Ronan Kavanagh will be right inside the VMware booth in the Solutions Exchange at VMworld on Wednesday Sept 17 from 9AM to 1PM to show their software and the high level features such as outbound scanning, OCR (optical character recognition), and scalability that have been so attractive especially to the SMB market. Core to the demonstration will be to illustrate the significant advantages derived from the use of virtual appliances in real world settings.

SpamTitan’s Ronan Kavanagh is proud of the VMware connection and stated “VMware has been a wonderful partner since we launched our virtual appliance in 2006 – with our extensive background in virtualization and as one of the first producers of virtual email appliances, it has been a natural fit to partner with VMware.  This demonstration at VMworld will be a wonderful way for IT professionals to learn more about the many benefits of virtual appliances and to connect with leaders such as VMware.”

SpamTitan is available in both an ISO and as the popular SpamTitan for VMware version and is installed in minutes by download.   SpamTitan immediately protects email users against spam, viruses, Trojans, Phishing, and malware, other threats. 

SpamTitan in High Tech News

The Challenge of Spam for SMBs

By Drew Barrows
July 8, 2008

When the number of unwanted messages in Phil Mansfield’s email inbox that was touting things like prescription medication, mortgage loans, university diplomas and bank loan offerings outnumbered legitimate business correspondence by as much as five to one, he knew something had to be done about the spam flooding his inbox.

Read the full article here

SpamTitan Shines in SC Magazine Review

SpamTitan scored an outstanding 4 stars in the review by Peter Stephenson who advised readers to "take a look at this offering". Highlighting SpamTitan’s ease of use, its ease of management and its value for money Stephenson described SpamTitan as a "sophisticated spam filter and spam management tool". Of particular note was the fact that this was the only virtual appliance on show with the reviewers which added greatly to the simplicity of system set up.  Also singled out for praise was the accompanying SpamTitan documentation and product support both scoring the highest possible star ratings.
The full review can be read here

SpamTitan talk to Linux Insider

 "Virtualization: Savings Are Not Guaranteed" by By Jack M. Germain, LinuxInsider 16/05/08
"Deployment issues are always a key factor in transitioning from hardware to software virtualization, according to SpamTitan’s CEO Ronan Kavanagh. …"

The full atricle can be read at:

Spamtitan Sales Director writes in ISACA

The article entitled "Virtual Appliances – The Evolution of a Gold Standard" discusses the emergence of virtual appliances as a new solution delivery vehicle and contrasts this with physical appliance solution deployment. It outlines some of the advantages derived from the use of virtual appliances including testing, back up, redundancy and scalability. The points are backed up with a case study from Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics.

The full article can be seen in ISACA Journal Vol 3 2008


Since its inception, ISACA has become a pace-setting global organization for information governance, control, security and audit professionals. Its IS auditing and IS control standards are followed by practitioners worldwide. Its research pinpoints professional issues challenging its constituents. Its Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification is recognized globally and has been earned by more than 55,000 professionals since inception. The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification uniquely targets the information security management audience and has been earned by more than 7,000 professionals. It publishes a leading technical journal in the information control field, the Information Systems Control Journal. It hosts a series of international conferences focusing on both technical and managerial topics pertinent to the IS assurance, control, security and IT governance professions. Together, ISACA and its affiliated IT Governance Institute lead the information technology control community and serve its practitioners by providing the elements needed by IT professionals in an ever-changing worldwide environment.

SpamTitan Launch Dedicated Italian Website and Support

SpamTitan this week launched an Italian language version of their website along with local support. Available at , the site will allow Italians to explore the benefits of both Spamtitan ISO and SpamTitan for VMware in their own language. The site will also provide Italian sales and technical support via local phone numbers and email addresses. "SpamTitan has been performing very well in the Italy and we felt the time was right to dedicate resources to support this market. This will allow our customers and resellers the local access they need to both purchase the products and also maintain them to ensure they perform to the optimum levels into the future" said Ronan Kavanagh, Sales Director with SpamTitan. "This is the first of many local support centers we will be rolling out over the coming months" he concluded.

Spamtitan – Sede Italiana
Via Zuretti, 25
20125 Milano
Per ogni richiesta contattare o recarsi alla pagina Contatti dove potrete sottoporci i vostri quesiti.

Per contattare la Sede Italiana di SpamTitan telefonicamente:

+39 02 45481521
+39 02 45481160

SpamTitan feature in Campus Technology Magazine

SpamTian has featured in the latest edition of Campus Technology in an article by Rama Ramaswami entitled "Protecting the Oblivious". This very interesting article looks at the steps taken by a number of education establishements in protecting their digital assets. A selection of the article can be read below, the full atricle can be read in the April 2008 edition of Campus technology or at the following link:

"Two universities that have had considerable success with e-mail appliances are Penn State and Georgia Southern University. At Penn State, the Intercollegiate Athletics department, which has more than 300 e-mail users, used an innovative technique to filter spam: It isolated itself from the university’s centralized IT system and installed its own open source appliance. That’s because Phil Mansfield, systems administrator for the department, discovered that the university’s in-house anti-spam software, installed directly on the Microsoft Outlook e-mail server, shut down antivirus functions completely when there were problems with the server. This affected e-mail performance for the entire athletics group.

"I believe that threats come from a wide variety of sources, but e-mail is the main vector," says Mansfield. "It’s the easiest to attack and is always allowed through the firewall. To supplement the existing antivirus software already installed, we searched out a front-end gateway SMTP solution. We were looking for a solution that would provide greater spam filtration as well as free up the workload of the back-end provider."

Mansfield opted for SpamTitan, an open source, easy-to-use system that offers what he calls "enterprise-class features at a very affordable price." The minimal investment required gained him a quick signoff on the purchase from university officials. With installation time taking less than one hour for 500 licenses, and a 90 percent increase in spam filtration in the few months that the system has been in use, SpamTitan provided "results from day one," says Mansfield."

SpamTitan feature in VMware Customer ISV Success Story

SpamTitan has continued with our strong Technology Alliance Partnership with VMware by being featured in Vmware’s Customer ISV Success Story. The success story outlines SpamTitan’s continued progress due to the developement of the SpamTitan for VMware vitrual appliance and features some of the many milestones we have passed since it’s launch.

The full piece can be downloaded

Hightlights of the Success story can be seen below:

  • Created a new revenue stream by developing the SpamTitan for VMware virtual appliance; 50 percent of revenues now come from the virtual appliance
  • Experiencing a 2:1 virtual appliance to hardware appliance customer adoption rate.
  • Cut sales cycle time by 50 percent and reduced cost of sales by 40 percent
  • Reduced support overhead per customer by 40 percent as virtual appliances do not pose hardware compatibility and configuration issues typically experienced with hardware appliances
  • Increased customer evaluation numbers by a factor of 10 at no cost,thanks to the virtual appliance being available online and quick and easy to download
  • Improved market penetration with entry into North America, South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East
  • Ten fold increase in channel partners as product education and evaluation costs are virtually eliminated.
  • Enabled an entirely new online sales model with the ability to provide online demonstrations, 30 day free download trials and direct purchasing of the virtual appliance via the company website.

SpamTitan in Computer Technology Review

Evaluating SpamTitan, as one of a small group of VMware Certified Appliances globally, West Coast Labs uncovered that SpamTitan’s VMware virtual appliance proved easy to install, manage, test, and backup. By achieving a greater than 99 percent accuracy rating for spam filtration with zero false positives, West Coast Labs could successfully block close to all spam, while ensuring legitimate emails would not blocked or lost using the SpamTitan for VMware solution. Significant advantages include improved ease of use in the evaluation and testing process, while noting real gains to business users in terms of potential redundancy, backup, scalability, and mobility improvements.

SpamTitan is a global provider of enterprise-level email security solutions offering small and medium size businesses (SMBs) comprehensive protection from email threats, including spam, viruses, trojans, phishing, malware and other unwanted content. SpamTitan’s approach in utilizing next-generation virtualization software eliminates the need for unwieldy hardware, giving customers unparalleled flexibility, versatility and scalability but at an affordable price. Integrating best of breed technologies, SpamTitan provides an easy to install, easy to manage and highly secure email gateway. SpamTitan, a division of CopperFasten Technologies, is a global company with headquarters in Galway, Ireland.

This Checkmark ‘premium’ rating is a testament to SpamTitan’s commitment in providing the power, performance and usability that customers need in the fight against the growing spam problem, SpamTitan said. The company is pleased that an independent testing lab further validates SpamTitan’s effectiveness as the company has always excelled at providing new performance functionality, optimized spam filtration, and an ease of use and scalability that is unique in the market, it said.

West Coast Labs has been able to conclude through real-world testing that the SpamTitan solution successfully fuses impressive spam detection capabilities with ease-of-use to provide a powerful, potentially cost-effective, and flexible email threat detection and protection platform. The concise documentation, combined with advanced configuration options and comprehensive reporting ensures ease for new and more advanced users to virtualization.

Webinar SpamTitan – Il migliore AntiSpam per la tua azienda

Registrati al Webinar

Quando: Venerdì 18 Gennaio 2008, dalle 10.00 alle 11.00


Fabrizio Bressani, Managing Director, DotForce
Fabrizio Malfanti, Technical Director, DotForce


Il Vostro Ufficio
Audio: 848 391836
Access Code: 546-542-700 seguito da #

Agenda e contenuti

SpamTitan è una delle soluzioni più complete sul mercato per proteggersi dalle minacce via email. Il software permette di creare una propria email appliance, reale o virtuale per il gateway, offrendo protezione da Virus, Spam, Malware, Phishing e altro contenuto indesiderato. SpamTitan utilizza tecnologie allo stato dell’arte per realizzare una soluzione di facile installazione e manutenzione, di elevato livello di sicurezza ad un costo estremamente contenuto. Il webinar tratterà i seguenti punti:

  • SpamTitan – Caratteristiche distintive
  • SpamTitan ISO e SpamTitan per VMware
  • SpamTitan su Appliance
  • Casi di successo
  • Online Demo
  • Gli strumenti a disposizione del Canale
  • Come diventare Rivenditori SpamTitan
  • SpamTitan ed il Mercato Education
  • A chi è rivolto

Il Webinar si rivolge a Rivenditori, VAR, System Integrator e Internet Service Provider che desiderino integrare la propria offerta di tecnologie di IT Security con uno dei più innovativi, efficaci e completi prodotti antispam e antivirus presenti sul mercato. Di particolare efficacia la proposta per il mercato Education, rivolta ai Rivenditori che indirizzano questo mercato

Informazioni sul Webinar

Una volta registrati, riceverete una conferma tramite email che riporterà l’indirizzo web a cui collegarsi ed il vostro codice di accesso. Nella stessa email verranno descritte le procedure tecniche di partecipazione, per la quale sarà necessario un accesso Internet a banda larga e un telefono.

Per l’Audio: Tel. 848 391836

Access code: 546-542-700 seguito da #

Registrati al Webinar

SpamTitan in Campus Technology

Security software developer SpamTitan is launching a new antivirus tool designed specifically for higher education named, appropriately enough, SpamTitan for Higher Education. The new software, which includes spam and malware protection features, will be available Monday.

According to the company, "SpamTitan developed its solution to specifically address the rigorous malware environments and IT network security challenges university and colleges contend with on a daily basis." It’s currently being used by Penn State’s Intercollegiate Athletics, where it’s reportedly eliminating about 6,300 spam messages per day that had been affecting e-mail performance.

Targeted primarily toward e-mail security, SpamTitan for Higher Education is designed to protect schools from viruses, trojans, phishing, and other unwanted content, including spam. It provides about 98 percent spam detection with 0.03 percent false positives, according to the company.

Other features include:

  • Content filtering;
  • E-mail scanning (inbound and outbound);
  • E-mail disclaimer functionality;
  • Quarantine reports; and
  • Automatic updates of new version releases and spam and virus definitions.

SpamTitan for Higher Education will be available Dec. 3 at $500 for 100 users and $750 for 250 users. More information will be available Monday at the link below.

SpamTitan 4.10 for ISO and VMware Released

SpamTitan are delighted to announce the release of the latest version of SpamTitan 4.10:

  • User Interface is now also available in German and Portuguese Brazilian.
  • Quarantine Reports are now available in German and Polish.
  • VMware tools is now included for VMware installations.
  • Per-Domain license count information is now available showing the daily license usage/domain.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) support is now included. This provides certificate-based authentication and encrypted sessions.
  • System Health Check functionality will analyse and report any problems with the system. See Reporting -> System Information page.
  • ClamAV virus engine update to 0.91.2. This release fixes various bugs in clamav.
  • Spamassassin engine updated to 3.2.3. This release offers numerous improvements over the previous version, including rule compilation for faster scan times.

SpamTitan Version 4.09 for ISO and VMware Released


Passive OS Fingerprint provides the ability to identify the connecting SMTP client operating system. This information can subsequently be used to penalize mail originating from, for instance Windows XP systems and reward connections from Unix systems. This feature may be enabled from the Anti-Spam Engine -> Settings page. See the online help on that page for more details.


ClamAV virus engine update to 0.91.1. This fixes some stability issues in the earlier versions.

Problems Resolved

  • Summary reports were missing count data.
  • Enabling HTTPS.
  • Scheduled reports showing bytes transferred was displaying the incorrect value.
  • Domain policy settings where been displayed incorrectly.
  • It was not possible to set the quarantine report runtime to 00 hour or 00 minute.
  • Incorrect ‘Statistics Since’ date may have been shown on the dashboard.
  • Weekly and monthly reports could get run daily.

SpamTitan Version 4.08 for ISO and VMware Released

  • New: Per Domain Administration is now possible allowing domain administrators to manage specific domains and generate reports for those domains.
  • New: Quarantine report can now also be generated in Dutch and Danish.
  • New: It is now possible to generate certificate signing requests (CSR) which can be issued to a certificate signing authority to generate a signed certificate which may then be used for secure HTTPS communication. See the Settings -> SSL page for more details.
  • Update: ClamAV virus engine update to 0.90.3. This fixes some security bugs in the clamav library.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where users could get notification of messages that where quarantined even if they had that message whitelisted.

SpamTitan Version 4.07 for ISO and VMware Released


  • New: The User Interface and user quarantine reports are now localized for the following languages: Spanish, Czech and Japanese
  • New: SpamTitan support tunnel may now be opened from the admin console as well as from the UI.
  • New: Botnet detection plugin. Determines if message arrived via a spam botnet. Disabled by default. See Anti-Spam Engine -> Settings.
  • Update: ClamAV virus engine update to 0.90.1. The 0.9x series introduces lots of improvements in terms of detection rate and performance, like support for many new packers and decryptors, RAR3 and SIS archives, and a new phishing signatures format that proves to be very effective.
  • Update: Spamassassin engine updated to 3.1.8. This fixes a potential denial of service vulnerability caused by overly long URLs found in malformed HTML in a scanned mail message. Processing of this message takes a long time and causes massive memory usage, which could cause a Denial of Service due to memory exhaustion or increased swapping
  • Update: OCR engine has been updated to perform addition scans on embedded images and providing even higher hit rates.
  • Fix: Resolved issue in quarantine reports where some unicode encoded subjects strings where not been displayed correctly.
  • Fix: Resolved issue in quarantine reports where some html font tags where not correctly terminated.
  • Fix: Resolved issue with outbound disclaimers that was experienced with some mail clients when the message content-transfer-encoding was Quoted Printable.

SpamTitan 4.05 for ISO and VMware Released


  • New: Revamped user interface including system dashboard that allows an overview of system status and mail volumes.
  • New: Added ability to import list of domains during configuration. This is particularly for sites that are handling 100s or even 1000s of domains.
  • New: Added mail queue management functionality. This allows you to view, hold, release, requeue and delete messages in the SpamTitan mail queues. The mail queue management interface may be accessed from the daashboard.
  • New: Spam score can now be included in the Subject of spam messages that are forward when the policy is ‘Tag and Pass’. To specify the spam score in the Subject of passed spam messages add the string _SCORE_ to the spam subject tag. This will be substituted with the actual score.
  • New: Added new report ‘Top Senders’
  • New: Administrator may now forward quarantined messages to his/her own email address for inspection. This is available from the Options tab of the quarantine mail viewer. It is now also possible to Release, Delete or Whitelist a message directly from the quarantine mail viewer.
  • New: If configuring a HTTP proxy, can now also specify proxy uthentication credentials if required.
  • Update: Spamassassin engine updated to 3.1.7. This release contains several important bug fixes over the previous version.
  • Update: ClamAV virus engine update to 0.88.6. This release includes minor bugfixes.
  • Fix: Resolved issue adding disclaimers to certain emails that caused the email message to be truncated.
  • Fix: Resolved issue listing quarantined items in the quarantine report which had already been deleted.
  • Fix: Resolved issue recording RBL hits in the database.
  • Fix: Resolved issue which prevented some hosts from enabling the SpamTitan Support connection.
  • Fix: Resolved issue which occassionally would prevent importing backup file.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where a domain policy spam quarantine cutoff level settings was not been inherited by new user policies.

SpamTitan Version 4.04 for ISO and VMware


  • New: Added Optical Character Recognition (OCR) plugin to combat increasing spread of image only spam. This plugin checks for specific keywords in embedded image files. On a busy server it may not be desirable to have this plugin enabled as it could hog system resources (adding at least 2-3 seconds processing time for each mail). As such it is disabled by default. It may be enabled from the Anti-Spam Engine -> Settings page.
  • New: Users now have the ability to request an on-demand quarantine report from a link on an existing report. The administrator controls if this option is present or not, and is disabled by default.
  • New: Added ‘admin’ console login which allows basic tasks such as view/modify network settings, reset web access settings (in case of lockout), restart web server, ping/traceroute tools and reboot of the system. This account has the same password as the web ‘admin’ account.
  • New: Added penpals soft-whitelisting feature. This lowers the spam score of received replies to a message previously sent by a local user to this address. This can be useful in preventing potential false positives from email addresses that users are in frequent contact with.
  • New: Added a ‘View Source’ tab to the quarantine mail viewer. This allows the user to view the unformatted ‘raw’ message source.
  • New: Added spam quarantine cutoff level. Administrator can now set a policy to quarantine spam, but to discard messages scoring above a certain level. This is configurable on a per-domain/per-user policy basis. It is disabled by default.
  • New: Automatically remember last period filter on history page. When the admin returns to the history it will automatically use the previously use period filter, rather that always using ‘Just for Today’ filter.
  • New: Added support for displaying multi-byte character sets. i.e the quarantine listing (both in the UI and reports) display multibyte subjects correctly. Also the mail viewer will now correctly display content using multi-byte character sets.
  • Update: Spamassassin engine updated to 3.1.4. This release contains several important bug fixes over the previous version.
  • Update: ClamAV virus engine update to 0.88.4. This release fixes a possible heap overflow.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where rejected postfix messages due to ‘Sender address rejected: Domain not found’ and ‘Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified address’ where not been looged to the database and therefore where not showing up in the history.
  • Fix: Resolved issue which allowed a user who had no messages processed by SpamTitan to view the entire quarantine if they login successfully to the web interface.
  • Fix: Resolved bug in charts that sometimes showed an empty entry.
  • Fix: Resolved issue viewing log files due to browser incompatabilities.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where a random policy would be generated if an end-user modified their quarantine settings from the UI.
  • Fix: Resolved issue with pop3 authentication where it was not possible to authenticate if the pop3 server required the full email address for login.
  • Fix: Resolved issue which prevented multiple nightly reports been generated.

SpamTitan Version 4.03 for ISO and VMware


  • New: Provide ability to enable UI management using HTTPS via a SpamTitan self-signed X509 certificate.
  • Update: Optimized database queries.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where CPU temperature was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fix: Resolved issue that prevented user from initiating a secure tunnel to SpamTitan support.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where it was not possible to backup/restore the bayesian database.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where it was not possible to use the realtime log viewer.
  • Fix: Resolved issue with IE browsers which resulted in items been added to lists (eg DNS servers list) twice.

SpamTitan Version 4.02 for ISO and VMware Released


  • Before upgrading, please read all release notes that apply to versions more recent that the currently installed version on your system
  • Required previous version is 4.01
  • Existing configuration will not be changed


  • Fix: Limit the diagnostic commands that can be run by an authenticated user.


SpamTitan Version 4.01 for ISO and VMware Released


  • Before upgrading, please read all release notes that apply to versions more recent that the currently installed version on your system
  • Required previous version is 4.00
  • Existing configuration will not be changed



  • New: Maximum license usage is now displayed on the License page. This shows the maximum number of internal email addresses that have been processed as clean mail in one day.
  • Update: ClamAV virus engine update to 0.88.3. This release includes a number of bug fixes.
  • Update: Spamassassin engine updated to 3.1.3. This release contains several important bug fixes over the previous version.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where quarantine report included listing of messages that where not quarantined. e.g. a policy dictating that a message be rejected without quarantining.
  • Fix: Resolved issue adding outbound disclaimers.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where the top mail recipients report included ‘Relay Denied’ recipients.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where reports where not been archived.
  • Fix: Resolved issue adding more that one static route.
  • Fix (VMware): Resolved time synchronization problem on vmware machines where the virtual machine would lose time with its host machine. If using SpamTitan for VMware you must reboot the virtual machine after applying the update for this patch to work.