With WebTitan Cloud for WiFi Selfridges don’t need to worry about...

Selfridges had to ensure that guests could not access malicious sites or view inappropriate content while using the in-store WiFi network.

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Radio operator ends spam deluge with SpamTitan

With 130 staff in 7 different offices NRC was becoming increasingly dependant on email. Unfortunately the value of email was being severely eroded by a deluge…

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Huron Valley Steel eliminates spam with SpamTitan

The amount of spam bombarding the company inboxes was crippling. With such a vital communication tool under attack, it was critical for I.T….

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Credit Union immediately impressed with SpamTitans blocking abilities

As a non-profit credit union Kennedy did not have the resources to spend on a massive IT-infrastructure and were forced to find lower cost…

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How iHouse Web Eradicated Spam with SpamTitan

IHOUSE Web’s customers had been seeing the level of spam messages increasing steadily, spam and all the damaging consequences it brings was leaking…

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WebTitan means reduced costs and greater flexibility for The Kulungile Metals Group!

Established in 2001, Kulungile Metals Group is a dynamic, world class stockist and distributor of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. They provide service excellence through…

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Rapid Recovery decided to take action and deployed WebTitan – saving time …

Rapid Recovery provides Terminal Server access. They needed a solution to monitor what users were doing on the web. Providing unrestricted access while keeping…

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GVS Enjoy Increased Productivity Since Deploying WebTitan On Premise

The Gift Voucher Shop decided to deploy a Web Filtering solution to manage internet usage in the work place. Management believed if they could…

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WebTitan’s Simplicity Differentiates it from Competitors

Atlas needed a web filtering solution that could offer real-time protection and automatically block malicious threats, a solution that would seamlessly allow their internet…

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Harrisonburg City Public School deploys SpamTitan to ease the burden of combating…

Read how SpamTitan Gateway protected over 5000 mailboxes in this school.

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How Quality Smith banished the stress caused by spam by moving to…

Initially Quality Smith relied on a Barracuda appliance (Spam Firewall 200) to protect their email. They found this solution did not provide them with the…

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SpamTitan provides complete email security protection for Thermocopy of Tennesse

As well as chewing up precious IT resources and time, the level of spam was putting the network at risk of potential viruses, phishing…

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